Princess Diaries 3: Everything We Know So Far

With the blockbuster super hit of Princess Diaries 2 that aired back in 2004, can we expect the third sequel of the movie to be released any time soon? 

While 16 years have passed since the Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, fans have still not given up on the hope of the release of the third Princess Diaries movie. And 2022 seems as fitting a time as any to bestow the world with the incredible news – as to whether or not the third movie will be released.

During a virtual interview with The Talk on April 27, 2020, Queen Andrews was asked about script updates or announcements for the third sequel. “I heard that there might be one”, she reverted. “It’s been in the talk for quite some time now but nothing sort of been on my desk or anything like that. I’m getting awfully old and crotchety. I’m not sure if it’s the right timing either but I think I would do it”. She also revealed that there’s a pretty good chance for the script to come in sooner than later. However, the wonderful Director, Garry Marshall couldn’t be a part of the franchise – as he passed away recently. “He was the nuts and bolts of it all!”, Andrews quoted. 

It’s crazy that the script for Princess Diaries 3 does exist and makers are working on it..!

Anne Hathaway appeared on Watch What Happens Live in 2019 and was asked about the project. “Julie Andrews wants it to happen; I want it to happen! There is a script for the third movie”, she revealed.

There it goes, fam! There is a script for the third movie and we can expect it any time soon, hoorah! As the princess diaries movies have taught us that miracles do happen. We’ve just got to believe in ’em! So, right now, all we’ve got to do is wait and have faith.

Hathaway also said that the producer, Debra Martin Chase and other cast members want the movie to happen! “It’s as important to us as it is to you guys and we love it just as much as y’all love it”, she added.

Although there’s no official news about the release, the cast has revealed that they are working on it. “We just don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready”, said Hathaway, when interviewed. 

Before Anne confirmed the script, the author of the Princess Diaries book, Meg Cabot, brought it into notice that the script does exist (via Entertainment Weekly). “If the movie is made, it will be a tribute to the director Garry Marshall”, she asserted. However, nobody seemed to have read it. Or even if they have, they don’t wanna spare the details. So, guess we’ve just got to wait? 

Will Princess Diaries 3 be Released in 2022?

With regards to one of the most successful and loved princess films ever, “Princess Diaries 3” is most likely to be released sooner than later. The movie did break records – however, it ended on a not-so-certain note for the hero. News is cooking and maybe we can expect to get a third movie. 

The cast and crew have also uncovered that they might wanna get together for the third film. It will more so be a tribute to the director. The expected cast, namely Anne Hathaway and Julie are basically affirmed to return. Stay tuned for more updates!

While the presence of content motivates certitude, there has been no official updates made by the makers or team members. Despite all the discussions of the third film, it hasn’t been confirmed as of now. 

However, if we were to anticipate, it’s safe to say that Princess Diaries 3 might release around 2024 or later. 


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