Princess Agents Season 2: All you need to know about the Chinese historical fiction drama

Princess Agents is based on a novel, 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. The fact that the Chinese drama has garnered over 40 million views across many platforms is a testimony to its popularity. Launched in June 2017, the series has left fans hungry for more, thanks to its cliffhanger finale that saw Yan Xun, The Northern Yan Prince taking vengeance for the deaths of his loved ones. In the end, his close alliance, Chu Qiao joins forces with Yuwen Yue to bring down Yan’s revenge plans. As of now, the creators have not given any word on the show’s return for another season. Does this mean that the series will leave us waiting endlessly for the unanswered questions that it left behind? Sadly, we have no clue about it yet. However, considering that the show was well received by the viewers, there is a possibility of its return. That being said, here’s everything you must know about Princess Agents Season two from its cast to its release date:

Princess Agents Season 2 Airing date

It’s been five years since we heard of Princess Agents, yet fans have been hopeful all the while. Disappointingly, we still have no firm word on when the next set of episodes rolls out. But given the element of drama and action that Chinese drama comprises, the series will take some time to drop. 

Thus, our guess is just as good as yours at this moment. 

Princess Agents is 67-episode long. It is not certain yet as to what shall be the episode count in the follow-up. Nonetheless, we assume it will have plenty of action, romance, betrayals, friendship, and battles as many stories remain to be told. 

Princess Agents Season 2 Plotline

There are no exact plot details for season two of Princess Agents. So, it is very hard to predict the future storyline fully. Though the audience is curious that what will happen after the finale scene. It seems that we have to rely heavily on the novel to bind the loose threads left behind in the prior season. If you have read the book, you might have a clear idea as to where the characters are heading. For those who haven’t, we recommend you do. At least this way, you do not have to wait in the dark for long. Or if you like surprises, we are sure that the wait will be worth it. 

Princess Agents Season one saw the lovers, Yuan Chun and Yan Xun turning against each other because of the clashes between Western Wei and Northern Yan. Yan Xun’s kingdom has been falsely accused of possessing the military map of Western Wei, which leads to a series of bloody battles. Because of the suffering he undergoes, he turns into a cold and cruel person and swears to take revenge against the Western Wei and Yuwen Manor.

However, with his ally, Chu Qiao, and his affectionate best friend, Yuan Chun deciding to destroy Yan Xun’s plans, the series will become more intense and dramatic in future episodes. 

Princess Agents Season 2 Cast

Though the cast list for the follow-up has not yet been confirmed, it is safe to say that the original cast for Season one might appear in season two. With that, fans could expect to see the following cast members: 

Zhao Liying will reprise her role as Chu Qiao

Shawn Dou will return as Yan Xun

Li QIn will reprise her role of Yuan Chun

Xin Zhao Lin will play Yue Qu

Lin Gengxin will return as Yuwen Yue

Besides the above, we have several supporting casts such as Kwok Fung, Wang Dong, Sun Yi, Wang Yanlin, Liu Yuqi, and others that are likely to make a comeback in a potential part second. 

 Watch this space for more. We shall update this blog as and when the renewal announcement for Season 2 comes.




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