Pivoting Season 2: Renewal Status, Release date, and other updates

To the fans’ dismay, Pivoting has been canned at Fox in May 2022 just after its season one. The cancellation came after the negotiations between the network and Warner television Studios. Fox made a few attempts to save the series but was not firm in bringing the show back, which led to this decision. Pivoting’s initial run aired from January 9, 2022, to March 10, 2022, on Fox. The 10-episode season focuses on three women, Sarah, Jodie, and the Army who decide to change their existing paths following the realization that life is short which came after the demise of their childhood best friend, Coleen.  While Amy is committed to working and works as a cooking show producer, Sarah is a divorcee who has switched to a supermarket gig after a painful career in medicine and Jodie is a mother of three and has a finance-obsessed spouse. It is the story of a close-knitted circle of friends discovering that it is never too late to screw up your life in pursuit of happiness. The series was met with a warm reception from fans with over a million viewers tuning in to see its new episodes every week. 

Now that the comedy show has no season two to look forward to, let’s find out why the series was not given an official green light. 

Why Pivoting Season 2 Was Canceled?

Fox, the series’ official network gave a conditioning renewal to the series if creators could move to a new filming location ie Vancouver from Los Angeles to cut costs. However, the stars did not agree to it because they didn’t want to uproot their families. 

Furthermore, the network also tried to propose a reduction in license fees to the studio to keep the show going for a second season. But sadly, the latter failed to find a way to execute the proposal. 

Additionally, fans also had hopes that the Hulu streaming service would save the series from dying. Yet the streamer was not sure about what the series’ future holds following the termination of its contract the next year, which made it pass by the streaming platform as well. 

With that, there is a slim chance that fans will ever see its future set of episodes. So, has the series ended with its first installment? The answer is a resounding yes. But if the show is picked up by another network, we have hopes of getting a fair chance of bidding goodbye to our favorite characters. 

Pivoting Season 2’s possible plotline: What a Pivoting Season 2 could be about?

Pivoting Season 2’s cast: Who could have been in the season two’s cast?

With no firm details about Pivoting’s next episodes, it is very difficult to say anything about its plotline. Nevertheless, Pivoting Season 2 will likely pick up from where the series finale that saw Amy, Sarah, and Jodie leaving the ashes of their dead friend, Coleen at a nightclub. It was a bizarre scene that drew a mixed response from audiences. Fans could anticipate that season two will see Army, Sarah, and Jodie taking more impulsive decisions and building a robust friendship with each other. 

Pivoting features Eliza Coupe as Amy, who has a work promotion waiting in season two, Ginnifer Goodwin as Jodie who has a likeness for his gym instructor, Matt, and Maggie Q as Sarah, who is trying her luck at love again after the betrayal from his ex-wife. In addition, Tommy Dewey as Henry, Robert Baker as Dan, and Colton Dunn as Brian are in the series’ main cast. 

Liz Astrof has developed the series and also, executive produced it alongside Dana Honor, Tristram Shapeero, and Aaron Kaplan. It is a work of production by Kapital Entertainment, Fox Entertainment, and Warner Bros Television. 

Where can you watch Pivoting Season 2?

Season one of Pivoting is available for streaming on Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Prime, and others. Viewers may also catch up on the series on Fox’s official website for free.

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