Pitch Perfect 4 Is Happening! Release Date, Cast, and More Updates

Created by Kay Cannon, Pitch Perfect is an American musical comedy flick franchise loosely inspired by a book titled “Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory” by Mickey Rapkin. The movie series captions an ensemble star cast that includes Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp, Skylar Astin, Brittany Snow, Adam DeVine, Alexis Knapp, Ben Platt, Hailee Steinfeld, Chrissie Fit, Hana Mae Lee, Elizabeth Banks, Ester Dean, John Michael Higgins. The television series also features DeVine with Universal Pictures as its distributor.


The first movie which was released on October 5, 2012, directed by Jason Moore collected over $115 million worldwide against a budget of $17 million. The second movie which was launched on May 15, 2015, was directed by Elizabeth Banks raked in a whopping $287 million worldwide against a budget of $29 million. The third movie that premiered on  December 22, 2017, directed by Trish Sie grossed over $183 million worldwide at the box office against a budget of $45 million. 


All three movies of Pitch Perfect were a critical success although the first one did an outstanding job compared to the second and third movies. But now the question is will there be a fourth movie of Pitch Perfect? The waiting game continues as there are no official updates about it but the actors have hinted at the possibility of a new movie. 


Here’s everything you need to know about Pitch Perfect 4.


Pitch Perfect 4: Is It Renewed?


Currently, no reports or updates have indicated the renewal for the fourth movie of Pitch Perfect. No official confirmation has been provided as well but the good news is, there’s a high chance that it will happen. 


The Release Date of Pitch Perfect 4: When Is It?


The official air date is not available yet. We haven’t heard anything concrete about it so far but the cast and crew have discussed a potential next movie. However, this piece of information isn’t confirmed. The one thing we can do is to wait patiently for official announcements from the filmmakers.


Nevertheless, if a new movie happens, it would probably only arrive sometime in 2023.


The Cast of Pitch Perfect 4: Who’s In It?


The fourth movie of Pitch Perfect will likely bring back all its central characters as appeared in the first and second movies. This means that most of them will return and reprises their respective roles including–


  • Anna Camp will play Aubrey Posen

  • Anna Kendrick will reprise her role as Beca Mitchell

  • Alexis Knapp will portray Stacie Conrad

  • Kelley Alice Jakle will be seen playing the role of Jessica

  • Brittany Snow will characterize Chloe Beale

  • Shelley Regner will be playing Ashley

  • Ester Dean will portray the character of Cynthia Rose Adams

  • Rebel Wilson will be playing Fat Amy

  • Hana Mae Lee will reprise her role as Lilly Onakuramara


Pitch Perfect 4 Plot: What Would Be The Storyline About?


When it comes to the plot not much is known since there are no details on it but we do know that the cast members have expressed how keen they are to work on a new movie.


Trish Sie the director of “Pitch Perfect 3” did reveal heeding the likelihood of a fourth movie: “Of course, that’s beyond my pay grade, and I have no clue and am not the one making the choices, but as far as I am concerned, I would watch these films on and on and on until they begin sucking.


Even if these ladies enter the next stage of life or a new generation of women, I believe there are infinite ways to chart a girl’s and a woman’s life.” 


Comedian Rebel Wilson conveyed some details about her group that she and her fellow cast members share: “We are all extremely busy women so we like to meet up and have reunions. 


We’d love to see a sequel. We are a diverse group of young women, but we’re all doing a fantastic job. We’ll see if we can do a fourth film.”


Back in 2017, Anna Kendrick disclosed via Entertainment Weekly that she would be down to do a fourth film if there’s ever a chance. She was asked if there would be an encore output to which she responded “Hell, yeah! We’d do them forever.”


Needless to say, it’s been a long wait but we’re optimistic that the fourth film of Pitch Perfect shall indeed take place. 

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