Pirates of the Caribbean Season 6: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

With the oh-so-staggering superhit of the first five seasons of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, fans are fascinatingly awaiting the release of the sixth season! However, the question that’s kept us intrigued for much longer is – when’s the Pirates of the Caribbean Season 6 releasing? Who’s gonna be in the star cast – and well, is the plot gonna bereave us of all suitable words to revert, too? 

Pirates of the Caribbean is a movie-based sequence produced by Walt Disney that aired in 2003. It received an amazing response from the critics and audiences! Prior to 2003, Pirate movies were considered a mere box office flop. But the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise proved it wrong! Its popularity grew exponentially, proving its global mass appeal and earning. It grossed nearly US$654 million all across the globe.

The fifth movie in the series earned approx US$800 million and was a massive success worldwide. Disney announced that the sixth pirate movie will be released in 2018. However, it’s 2022 and we still haven’t received any updates on the release of the sixth pirates’ swashbuckling adventure.

Keep your hopes high, fam! We may not have received information on the next release but we sure can expect another pirate movie soon! 

Researchers have it that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is still under production. Prior to the release of “On Stranger Tides”, Disney was preparing to shoot both the fifth and the sixth pirate movie together. However, only the fifth movie was produced. Years have gone by and Pirate of the Caribbean 6 is still in its development stage with its production hanging loose on the distant horizon. So, it can be anticipated that the sixth pirate movie can be released any time soon.

Pirates of the Caribbean Season 6: Release Date

Though the release date and the title of the sixth movie are under wraps, they will not be soon. The previous movies were released with a four to the five-year gap – with the only exception of Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, which were filmed back-to-back in 2005.

Consequently, we can expect a similar pattern with the release date of the sixth pirate movie as well. Owing to the fact that the last movie aired on 26 May 2017, we can speculate that the next movie might release anywhere around 2023. The scripting work was probably completed in 2020 but on account of the pandemic, everything got postponed! 

With no announcements of a potential release date or any updates from the makers, it’s impossible to reckon the exact date. But it could be shortly –  as of 2023! We’re also awaiting confirmation from the officials. We’ll keep you guys updated. So, stay tuned!

Pirates of the Caribbean Season 6: Cast 

No one has made an official remark on the star cast of the Pirates of the Caribbean 6. However, rumours have it that Karen Gillian will be leading the movie, which will be centred around a female lead. Heck, there have also been rumours that Disney is considering Emma Watson after her startling performance in the Beauty and the Beast! No wonder, the actress did a fantastic job!

The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Jumanji reboot film series’ actress can also be casted a role in the upcoming pirate movie (owing to the rumours). In fact, Zac Efron is also rumoured to play young Jack Sparrow in the film. However, these are just rumours and we can’t really affirm the star cast until Disney comes forward and makes official announcements.

The huge question of Johnny Depp’s role is still unanswered. A pirate movie without Jack seems to be as improbable as the Titanic movie without Jack (Leonardo De Caprio, of course!) Commercial flops and disputes have put Depp’s reputation in danger. Will Jack Sparrow return for the next Pirate movie? Well, we can’t really say anything, as of now. In an interview, Bruckheimer asserted that the actor may return. 

Meanwhile, actress Kaya Scodelario also affirmed that she might wanna return. Lee Arenberg, Bill Nighy can also be seen in the upcoming film. However, Orlando Bloom or Kiera Knightley have not expressed any concern about their returns.

Pirates of the Caribbean Season 6: Plot

Because there haven’t been any official comments made on the network regarding the sixth pirate movie, we can’t quite decipher the plot. Disney never ceases to impress the spectators and we’re sure the upcoming movie plot will be a banger, too! 

To make an educated guess for this movie, we can turn to the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean film. In Dead Men Tell No Tales, the plot incorporated post-credit scenes that teased the return of the antagonist (Davy Jones). The Flying Dutchman sneaks into Elizabeth’s and Will’s room while they were asleep, arranges to throw an attack, and then disappears. Will believes he’s dreaming but the barnacles on the floor made it quite evident that Jones was actually present in the room. 

One could easily reckon that the sixth movie will comprise Jones to a particular degree. However, these movies haven’t ever stayed stagnant on the timeline. There’s a good likelihood that the sixth movie might go back in time or focus on new pirates entirely. 



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