Pam and Tommy Season 2: Renewal Status, Release date, and other updates

If you are ardent fans of Baywatch and metal music, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee must be familiar names for you. After the couple’s honeymoon sex tape went public, the couple became a hot topic in the internet world. However, their relationship witnessed many ups and downs before they got separated following a divorce case filed by Pam. Pam and Tommy is a series that focuses on the couple’s marital relationship while laying special emphasis on the undisclosed details about the infamous sex tape that was stolen from their house and scored 77$ million. 

The show was met with a warm reception from critics and fans. With that said, fans are already keen to see more of the series. So, will the series return for another season? And is there more to Anderson and Lee’s story? To know everything about Pammy and Tommy Season 2, keep reading on:

Is Pam and Tommy renewed for a season two?

No. The series was originally aired as a mini-series. That means, there will be no further seasons for Pam and Tommy. And that’s a good thing we guess as what occurred after the events of season one’s finale was not exactly a happy end. 

If you are curious about what happened next, read below

In February 1998, Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Tommy Lee

“The filing came two months after Lee’s arrest stemming from a physical fight in the couple’s kitchen. Lee pleaded no contest to felony spousal battery and was sentenced to six months in jail.”

Now that’s not the kind of ending fans would look forward to. Thus, it’s okay that the creators wrapped the story in an eight-episode season. 

While a season two is not likely, there are talks about a documentary based on the sex tape that is said to drop on Netflix. But there are no specifics about the plotline, release date, and cast of the rumored documentary. So, it seems that fans have to be patient until we have an official update from the showrunners. 

 How did the infamous sex tape got stolen?

Considering the series brings to the audiences privacy issues, this remains an important question that was finally answered in the mini-series. It was the work of a carpenter, Rand Gauthier who robbed valuables including the sex tape from the couple’s house to take vengeance. In 2008, Rand moved to California and started growing Marjuna there. He also made a good fortune out of the scandal. 

Here’s what the main cast has to say about the series’s future development and their roles

Sebastian Stan (Tommy Lee) is already thrilled about the news of the documentary. He is beyond grateful that the show brought the forgotten conversations back. Stan is keenly looking forward to the documentary series that has no confirmed airing date as of now. 

 On the other hand, Lily who roled Pamela Anderson said in an interview that she did not leave her character even during family conversations. That could be seen in her acting skills that gathered prizes from fans and critics. 

If you have not watched this biographical drama series yet, head to Hulu or Disney + right away. We are sure you will not regret. 

The series is developed by Robert Siegel, while Craig Gillespie acted as the series director. 

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