Pacific Rim the Black Season 3: Renewal status, news, and updates

It was back in 2013 when the audience was introduced to the world of kaiju and jaegers in the pacific Rim universe. The original film’s generous success was enough to get it a follow-up that did not premiere until 2018. However, the sequel failed to rake in many viewers and thus, a third edition was out of the question. Nevertheless, Netflix picked up the franchise for an adult animated series that took place in the same world as its original flicks. Pacific Rim The Black hit the streaming platform in March 2021 and received praises from fans and critics for its appealing visuals, and its expansion of the Pacific Rim universe. With its second iteration just released on the streamer, fans globally are anxiously looking forward to more of Travis’s adventures. Unfortunately, the series was ordered for two seasons, thus there is no season three on the cards. That said, we are holding out hope that the mech series has not ended yet, and it might surprise the fans in the form of a spinoff or perhaps a film in the future. So, here’s everything that is known so far about a potential Pacific Rim The Black season three:

Pacific Rim The Black: Whether is it Renewed or canceled?

As aforesaid, season two served as the last chapter of the series, and there are no new episodes to look forward to at this moment. With that, you can rewatch your favorite show on Netflix with a nominal subscription plan. 

Pacific Rim The Black consists of 7-episode long seasons that narrate a relatable story, and resonate emotionally with the audience. There is also a prequel in the form of a graphic novel that was released recently for the Kaiju fans. So, there is no dearth of material content to read/watch for the series viewers. 

Pacific Rim The Black: The Story So Far

Pacific Rim: The Black centers around the story of two siblings- Taylor and Havley who suffer the aftermath of a monster invasion in Australia. The teens go on a quest to find their missing parents who left their home to fight the monsters with the help of Jaeger, Atlas DEstroyer. However, their journey ahead is not easy, as fellow survivors and Kaiju pose a threat to their mission. 

Hiroyuki Hayashi, the series director said in a previous interview that they were keen to build characters and stories that are not at the forefront of the Pacific Rim universe. This helped Hayashi expand the existing world by introducing characters that people could emphasize. Additionally, the series focused on survivors who struggle to survive with technologies as advanced as today’s times. 

Pacific Rim The Black Cast Details

Pacific Rim The black features Gideon Adlon as Hayley Tavis, Calum Worthy as Taylor Travis, Erica Lindbeck as Loa, Ben Diskin as Kaiju Boy, Victoria Greece as Mei, and Andy McPhee as Shane. The series also consists of recurring cast members including Jason Spisak, Leonardo Nam and David Errigo among others.

No matter how much we love these characters, they are unlikely to reunite for a season three. 

 Pacific Rim The Black Trailer

We have no trailer for Pacific Rim The Black available. And we might not get one for a long, long time unless Netflix decides to revive the series or another storyteller choose to tell their version of this unique world. 

Until then, stay tuned with us, and make sure to check with us for updates about your favorite television shows, series, and anime. 

Also, what do you think of Pacific Rim The BLACK? Did you like the movie better or the series or do you believe that the two are very much different from one another? Don’t hesitate to comment your answers below.


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