Offspring Season 8: Release Date, Cast, and All You Need To Know

Created by Debra Oswald, John Edwards, and Imogen Banks, Offspring is an Australian TV dramedy series that premiered on Network Ten with its first season on August 15, 2010. The series stars Asher Keddie, Kat Stewart, Don Hany, Deborah Mailman, Eddie Perfect, Linda Cropper, Richard Davies, Matthew Le Nevez, Lachy Hulme, John Waters, Jane Harber, Ido Drent, Ben Barrington, Patrick Brammall, Alexander England, Alicia Gardiner, and TJ Power.


The story revolves around Nina Proudman (played by Asher Keddie) an obstetrician in her 30 something years, and her kin and companions as they struggle with the challenges and hardships of modern life accompanied by many other problems. The show’s storyline is unique and well-executed, surrounded by drama narrative blended with flashbacks, fantasy progressions, visual animation, relationships, career, and complicated family problems.


The series has produced a total of seven seasons so far and although it has been over four years fans are still hoping that they would get to see an eight-season. But will it happen? Let’s find out.


Is Season 8 of Offspring Renewed?


The show is yet to be renewed by Network Ten for a tenth installment. As per speculations, it appears that the series ended with the seventh season which aired from June 28, 2017, to August 30, 2017. However, the fact that it has neither been canceled nor renewed gives us a slight hope for the show to return with a new season.


So if the series is renewed, we can expect the new episodes to land on our screens somewhere in 2022 or in 2023.


How Many Episodes Consist of in Season 7 of Offspring? 


In season 7 of Offspring, it consisted of ten episodes. The list of episodes are–


  • Episode 1: “Happy Geraldine Day”

  • Episode 2:     “The End of an Era”

  • Episode 3

  • Episode 4

  • Episode 5

  • Episode 6

  • Episode 7

  • Episode 8

  • Episode 9

  • Episode 10


It’s also likely that season 8 will have ten or more episodes if renewed.


The Cast of Offspring Season 8: Who Will Return?


Currently, there aren’t many details regarding the 8th season of Offspring or the official cast line since the series is yet to be renewed but it’s obvious that all the central characters will return if an eighth season happens. 


  • Asher Keddie    will play Dr Nina Proudman   

  • Kat Stewart    will portray Billie Proudman   

  • Deborah Mailman will play the character of    Cherie Butterfield   

  • Richard Davies    will play Jimmy Proudman   

  • Linda Cropper    will return as Geraldine Proudman   

  • Eddie Perfect will play the role of Mick Holland       

  • John Waters will portray Darcy Proudman   

  • Don Hany    will play the character of Dr Chris Havel   

  • Alicia Gardiner    will play Kim Akerholt 

  • Lachy Hulme portrays    Dr Martin Clegg 

  • Jane Harber will play Zara Perkich-Proudman   

  • Matthew Le Nevez will the role of Dr Patrick Reid           

  • Ido Drent will play Dr. Lawrence Pethbridge           

  • Ben Barrington    will play Thomas Buchdahl       

  • Patrick Brammall will portray    Leo Taylor

  • Alexander England    will play Harry Crewe       

  • TJ Power will portray Will Bowen   


Offspring Season 8 Plot: Expectations


Plot details are scarce. It is also because it’s been years since we heard anything from the makers or the production team. The series might have ended for good but we’re not certain as none of the crew members confirmed about it. At this point, we’re not even sure if the series season 8 will even take place but on the off chance, if it happens, the story would continue from where it left off.


Where Can I Watch Offspring?


All episodes of Offspring are available to watch on Netflix. 

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