Northern Rescue season 2: Release date, Cast, and Plot

Every individual copes with the death of a loved one differently. Some take time to grieve, mourn and understand what they feel while others distance themselves from reality, and refuse to make peace with the fact that the person is no more around. Netflix’s 2019 Canadian drama, Northern Rescue is based on this theme which follows the story of John West, a search and rescue commander who moves from Boston to his rural hometown, Turtle Island Land with his three kids following the untimely death of his wife, Sarah West. John struggles with his new role as a single parent while he copes with his loss. It is a story of a family who has lost their wife and mother and finds it challenging to adjust to the new environment. The Canadian drama was lauded for its simple plotline and family dynamic by fans worldwide. And since the series left fans tethered on-hook, the viewers suppose that there is more to the show. However, there is no concrete word confirming a season two just yet. But given the series’ success among the audiences globally, we have reasons to believe that season two of Netflix’s Northern Rescue is on the cards. So, here is everything you should know about it from its cast, speculated release date, trailer, and more:

Whether there will be a season two of Northern Rescue or not?

Unfortunately, the makers are yet to make any official statement regarding the Northern Rescue season second. We anticipate that either CBC or Netflix will save the day and order its future episodes sooner rather than later. Considering that CBC’s streaming service is the distributor in Canada, whereas Netflix acquires the distributorship rights to the series internationally. 

Also, a tweet from Northern Rescue’s official handle has sparked hopes in fans by stating that they are excited about a possible season two. Adding “Let @CBCTelevision and @netflix know you want it! #NorthernRescue #RenewFor2.””

With things still up in the air for the series, fans have to wait some time for further updates from the streamers and showrunners. 

Northern Rescue Season two’s airing date: when will it air?

We have no definite release date for Northern Rescue’s chapter two at this point, but based on the previous season’s airing timeline, our best-educated guess is that the series will be back by 2023, at the earliest. 

Its prior season ran for 10 episodes of 45 minutes, thus it is safe to assume that season two will follow a 10-episode count as well. 

Northern Rescue Season two’s plotline: What will it be about?

There is no exact plotline of Northen Rescue as of now, so fans are left to speculate what would follow next in the series. And that’s not precisely hard given that the previous season had a cliffhanger ending. With Maddie learning that John is not her biological father and Charlie discovers Alex’s truth. Now how would Maddie come to terms with this new reality that Rick Walker was her real father? And how the final events will affect the relationship between Alex and Charlie (who has been proposed by Alex)? There are many answers that viewers seek after season one. Hopefully second part will include a concrete answer to the questions. 

Northern Rescue Season two’s Cast: Who will be in the cast?

Northern Rescue consists of The West family- the patriarch, John West, and his three children, Maddie, Scout, and Taylor. Willian Baldwin plays John West while Amalia Willaimson, SPencer MacPherson, and Taylor Throne essay the character of Maddie, Scout, and Taylor respectively. The series also has a handful of sup[oorting cast including Kathleen Robertson as Charlie, Sarah’s sister, Sebastien Roberts as Alex, Charlie’s ex-boyfriend, and Evan Marsh as Henry, Maddie’s love interest.

Should the series get renewed, fans could expect to see the original cast from the first run reprising their roles in the next batch of episodes.

David Cormican serves as the series creator alongside Mark Bacci and Dwayne Hill. Cormican also serves as the executive producer and showrunner with Don Carmody on the show.

Norther Rescue Season two’s Trailer

Until the series is given a go-ahead for Rescue season two, the series trailer is off the table. 

Previously, CBC released the trailer a week prior leading up to its scheduled launch date. Thus, there will be no shared footage from the series for a while. 

Make sure to bookmark this page as we will update the trailer link, release date, and more solid information about Northern Rescue season two soon. 

Hit the comments below to tell us how you liked this Canadian drama series? And if you have not yet, head over to Netflix to enjoy a quality family drama with Northern Rescue’s 10 episodes. We are sure you’ll regret later.


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