No Demo Reno Season 3: Release date updates and All you need to know

HGTV’s popular series “No Demo Reno” recently ended with the second season and we hope that you did not miss any episodes. 


Home restoration professional and social media influencer Jennifer “Jenn” Todryk incorporates smart design keys and money-saving notions to build amazing home overhauls for customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, all without any prominent destruction.


“My goal is to give my clients a million-dollar reveal without any major demolition,” Todryk said (according to HGTV). “My favorite part about this job is showing people the potential in the homes they already own. Things that they never thought could be there the entire time.”


The series first premiered on March 21, 2021, on HGTV and has so far received positive reviews from both critics and audiences. And it’s no wonder why the program returned with a second season. 


“Seeing people’s reactions to their own home after the transformation was amazing,” explains Todryk. “People are in total, happy disbelief. It’s the best feeling ever.”


So now fans are wondering whether “No Demo Reno” will be ordered for a third season in the future or not. Here’s everything we know about season 3 of No Demo Reno.


Will There Be a Season 3 of No Demo Reno?


Following the immense success of the previous two seasons of No Demo Reno, many are looking forward to the third season although the show is still awaiting its renewal confirmation for a third installment from HGTV. But hopefully, we get positive news concerning the show’s future. 


Also through her Instagram account, which has over 1 million followers, Todryk shares everyday and relatable hacks on motherhood and on home design, fashion and beauty.


“Jenn has built her incredible Instagram following by being authentic, fun, funny and resourceful and, after only one season of No Demo Reno, she already has captured a dedicated audience of millions on HGTV,” stated Jane Latman, Head of HGTV & Streaming Home Content, Discovery, Inc. “The show gives her fans a way to dig deeper and see more of Jenn’s sparkle while spotlighting her busy family life and her affordable, achievable home renovation ideas. There is so much more to come in season two!”


Season two of “No Demo Reno” is currently airing on Discovery plus.


Release Date for Season 3 of No Demo Reno


The first season of “No Demo Reno” premiered on March 25, 2021, consisting of ten episodes. The second season was launched on June 23, 2022, also consisting of ten episodes.


When season two premiered it attracted more than 3 million viewers which is an incredible feat for the network and the show.


Prior to season 2 release, Betsy Ayala, senior vice president, programming & development, HGTV said, “Jenn’s widespread appeal was evident from the very first episode of No Demo Reno, and HGTV viewers were highly anticipating the second season.” 


Ayala continued, “She makes us laugh, shares adorable candid family moments, and inspires with attainable and affordable design ideas that have astonishing reveals. It’s an undeniable formula for ratings success.”


And as stated previously, “No Demo Reno” is still yet to be renewed for a third season. Therefore, an official release date for the upcoming season is yet to be determined. However, we predict that the new season will be out sometime in 2023 if it gets renewed.


No Demo Reno Episodes So Far


As of November 2022, No Demo Reno has produced a total of two seasons with the third season hopefully awaiting to be renewed. 


Here are the lists of episodes for seasons one and two of No Demo Reno.


Season One List of Episode 


Episode 1: Reno Rescue 

Episode 2: Color Correction 

Episode 3: Goodbye Beige

Episode 4: Hello Yellow

Episode 5: Glam Guest House

Episode 6: Family Memories

Episode 7: No Filter: Family Memories

Episode 8: Dream House Redo

Episode 9: Blended Styles

Episode 10: No Filter: Midcentury Modernized


Season Two List of Episodes


Episode 1: Marriage Mulligan

Episode 2: Out of the Gray

Episode 3: Between Friends

Episode 4: Craft Explosion

Episode 5: Everything But The Cabinets

Episode 6: Cookie Cutter Chaos

Episode 7: More Money, More Pressure

Episode 8: Son of the Year

Episode 9: New Space for Newly Weds

Episode 10: Work Hard Play Hard


If a third season gets renewed, we expect that the upcoming season will also have the same number of episodes similar to the previous two seasons. Stay tuned! 


What Can We Expect to See in Season 3 of No Demo Reno?


Though exact details are not known, the next season will once again follow Jenn and her team as they deal with new clients and their home woes. And as always, the result of every new house transformation is incredibly breathtaking. 

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