New Amsterdam Season 5: All You Need To Know

New Amsterdam is an American drama TV series, inspired by the book “Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital” penned by Eric Manheimer, which aired on September 25, 2018, on the NBC network. 

Created by David Schulner, the series is executively produced by David Foster, David Schulner, Peter Horton, Shaun Cassidy, Kate Dennis, Aaron Ginsburg, and Michael Slovid. The series stars Freema Agyeman, Ryan Eggold, Janet Montgomery, Jocko Sims, Tyler Labine, and Anupam Kher. 

The show is well appreciated by the viewers and received positive reviews. In terms of rating, it scored 8.1/10 on IMDb. 

The story revolves around Dr. Max Goodwin as he gets promoted as the medical director of one of America’s rustiest general hospitals. He aims to restore the failed facility by destroying its bureaucracy to deliver outstanding health care systems to the patients.

As far as the New Amsterdam Season 5 is concerned, there are not many updates about it. Besides, the fourth season is currently airing and it’s available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. 

To know more about the fifth season of New Amsterdam, read the article till the end.

New Amsterdam Season 5 Release Date: When Is It?

The confirmed release date of the fifth season of New Amsterdam is not declared yet. Since season 4 is currently airing, maybe we can expect an announcement after it finishes airing. 

However, if we have to predict, the series will likely return with the fifth season in late 2022 or early 2023 at the earliest.

The Cast of New Amsterdam Season 5

Although the official cast lineup is not confirmed, we can expect to see all the previous seasons cast return in the fifth season which includes—

Ryan Eggold (as Dr. Max Goodwin), Janet Montgomery (as Dr. Lauren Bloom), Freema Agyeman (as Dr. Helen Sharpe), Jocko Sims (as Dr. Floyd Reynolds), Tyler Labine (as Dr. Ignatius), Anupam Kher as (Dr. Vijay Kapoor), Alejandro Hernandez (as Casey Acosta), Em Grosland (as Brunstetter), Debra Monk (as Karen Brantley), Christine Chang (as Dr. Agnes Kao), Margot Bingham (as Evie Garrison), Dierdre Friel (as Ella), Megan Byrne (as Gladys), Emma Ramos (as Mariana), Stacey Raymond (as Paramedic Whitaker), Zabryna Guevara (as Dora), Lisa O’Hare (as Georgia Goodwin), Shiva Kalaiselvan (as Leyla Shinwari), Keren Lugo (as Dr. Diana Flores), Olivia Khoshatefeh (as Resident Turan), Teresa Patel (as Paramedic Harvell), Nadia Affolter (as Mina), Anna Suzuki (as Sandra Fall), Yvette Ganier (as Linda Weber), Kim Ramirez (as Alicia Smith), Liba Vaynberg as (April Kosloff), Michelle Forbes (as Dr. Veronica Fuentes), Sandra Mae Frank (as Dr. Wilder), Chloe Freeman (as Dr. Pavan Carey), and Vandit Bhatt (as Rohan)

New Amsterdam Season 5 Plot: Expectations

The plot details are unknown. It’s difficult to assume at this point as by the time of this writing, the fourth season is still yet to finish airing and without the final episode it’s impossible to know what could happen in the fifth season. 

But we do expect that the doctors working under Dr. Max Goodwin will continue to work for the welfare of society and to provide the best medical care for patients though we know for sure that it’s not going to be an easy path. 

If a fifth season happens, the story will probably continue from where the fourth season left off and that’s all we say at the moment so let’s wait and see what happens next. Until then do follow us for more updates.


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