Netflix to be hit by ‘Another Life’ season 2

Netflix have confirmed that Another Life, a sci-fi drama, will be back for season 2. Sources have also disclosed that filming began on August 28, 2020 and wrapped up by November 24, 2020. After a second time delay, Another Life season 2 finally finished filming in December 2020, confirmed by Sackhoff (via Instagram) who also stars in the series.


Producer Katee Sackhoof who plays Niko in the series also stated that the show could run for three seasons. 


According to Katee to Collider, “We had the outline of what the show was going to be, but I was in the writers’ room and I got to really put what I feel is my fingerprint on the show, which is something that I was really looking forward to.”


She again added: “I love this character, and I love the cast and the crew, and I want to do everything in my power to see it come back, for many years.”


Another Life gained popularity among the fans as the genre was quite enjoyable and extraordinary. More subscribers are looking forward to joining in and are curious to know more about the story and the status of Another season 2.


The Netflix original sci-fi series debuted on the streaming platforms on July 25, 2019, with a total of 10 episodes varying from 37-62 minutes in length. The series storyline follows Astronaut Niko Breckenridge played by Katee Sackoff, (also the producer of the show) and her crew who face unthinkable threats as they undertake to go on a risky mission to investigate the origins of the alien monolith that bizarrely appears on the surface of the earth.


Despite the sci-fi series having mixed reviews, some fans who continue to support the show are concerned whether Another Life season 2 will return after several delays because of the pandemic. Here’s good news to those viewers who are disheartened but be rest assured, Another Life season 2 is coming back. Yes, you heard it right! It’s happening. 


Another Life season 2 release date: When will it premiere?


Production was all set to begin by this year but once again because Covid-19 pandemic it was put on hold. But finally, the filming resumed in late 2020.


Netflix confirmed that Another Life Season 2 will premiere in the fall of 2021, along with the official first trailer.


Case of Another Life Season 2


Unfortunately, two people won’t be returning to the show. Salvare’s pilot Ian won’t be returning as he was killed by Nikon and Sasha (Jake Abel) who was killed by Bernie (AJ Rivera).


During Niko’s conversation with Collider, she said: “Nobody is safe on this show. That’s one of the things that Aaron, Noreen and I really wanted to hammer home, from the very beginning. Just because you think a crew member is gonna be there the whole time, that’s absolutely probably not the case. Just when you fall in love with them, they’re probably gonna die.”


As for the plot, nothing much is revealed but be sure to expect that there’s going to be many tragic deaths and unfortunate moments in the upcoming season of Another Life.

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