Netflix cancels Dead End: Paranormal Park Season 3

Dead End: Paranormal Park was one of the best animated series on Netflix in 2022. It had also garnered a huge fan base over the world but unfortunately, the streaming platform has canceled the show. This means that there will be no Dead End: Paranormal Park season 3.


Dead End: Paranormal Park Season 3 release date


The writer and author of the Dead End: Paranormal Park had announced that there will be no season three for the animated horror series as Netflix has canceled the show. 


The show had a 100% rating on RottenTomatoes and has received worldwide appreciation for its plotline, story and representation of the characters. 


The writer and author officially stated that Netflix has canceled the show and that though Barney, Norma, Pugsley and Courtney won’t return to your screens they will always provide you comfort in times of need. 


Dead End: Paranormal Park Season 3 Plot 


There has been an official confirmation that Dead End: Paranormal Park season 3 is not in the books for Netflix. The first two seasons primarily revolved around the group of Barney, Norma, Courtney, and Pugsley fighting mysterious creatures. The first two seasons were widely appreciated by the viewers for its apt LGBTQ representation. 


The finale of season 2 left the audience wondering as to what will happen in the upcoming season. Sadly, the writer and the author has officially announced that there won’t be any season 3 of the animated horror series. 


Dead End: Paranormal Park Season 3 Cast 


Since there won’t be any Dead End: Paranormal Park Season 3, fans won’t see their favorite characters of Barney (Zack Barrack), Norma (Kody Kavitha), Courtney (Emilt Osment), and Pugsley (Alex Brightman). 


In addition to the main characters, these supporting characters were also loved by the audience:

  • Pauline Phoenix (Miss Coco Peru)
  • Logan Nguyen (Kenny Tran)
  • Badyah Hassan (Kathreen Khavari)
  • Fingers (Jamie Demeteriou)


But sadly, fans won’t be seeing any of these characters return on their screens. 


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