Natalie Portman – Net worth, Early Life, Relationship, and Childhood

Neta-Lee Harshlag or popularly known as Natalie Portman is a multi-talented Israeli-born American actress, director, writer, model, producer, voice artist, and musician. She was born on June 9, 1981. Portman has had quite a successful career in the film industry since her earlier years and featured in plenty of blockbusters and independent movies. She has also received many accolades for her performance such as Screen Actors Guild Award, Academy Award, and British Academy Film Award to name a few.


Net worth 


As of 2022, Natalie Portman, one of the most notable women in Hollywood, possesses a net worth of $90 million. 


The actress has been a significant part of the entertainment industry since her teenage years and transitioned into more and prominent mature roles. She is recognized for being a top-paid actress. 


Early Life


Natalie Portman’s mother proceeds to work as her agent and her father is a medical expert in gynecology. 


Her family first landed in Washington DC before shifting to Connecticut in 1988 and finally moved to Long Island, where she went to a Jewish elementary institute. 


She also learned the Hebrew language and found interest in several aspects of dancing, primarily Ballet.  


Portman received schooling in performing arts and by the time she was ten years of age, it became evident that she was meant for the entertainment business. She started getting noticed and was even reached out to her by an agent who asked to be a child model.


Portman instantly rose to fame and her career peaked after being featured in the film series ‘Star Wars prequel trilogy in which she portrayed the famous character of Queen Padme Amidala for a period of five years (1999 to 2005). Since then the A-lister has had a surplus of offers coming her way from producers who want her to be a part of their projects which eventually led her to a successful career becoming one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.




Natalie Portamn is married to a French dancer and choreographer named Benjamin Millepied. The couple has two children.


Portman, 41 almost immediately came to know that Benjamin Millepied was the one for her when they first met each other on the set of Black Swan.


In 2009, the access was cast for a role in Black Swan, while Benjamin Millepied was hired as the film’s choreographer. After their first encounter on the set, Portman revealed that she started having romantic feelings for him with whom she learned the choreography. Even though the movie has been a difficult experience, she confessed Millipied’s presence made it more fun and interesting and by the time filming for Black Swan wrapped, they were an item.


The two lovebirds announced their engagement in December 2010 and were expecting their first baby. They welcomed their first baby in June 2011 whom they named their son Aleph. Portman and Millepied decided to have a wedding on August 4, 2012, and their private Jewish ritual was taken place at Big Sur, California. In February 2017, the couple welcomed their second baby, a daughter whom they named Amalia.


In 2018, speaking to SiriusXM Town Hall with TODAY Show’s Hoda Kotb, the actress confessed, “I met my husband on the set [Black Swan], so I think I was in, like, dreamland. So it was pretty … it seemed pretty fun the whole time,” she chuckled. “It was beautiful, but I don’t know about instant [connection]. It was, like, I really got to know him and then that is when it seemed, ‘Oh, right, this is the person.’”


Portman has kept her two children Aleph and Amalia completely out of the spotlight. “Nothing is more important than my personal life,” she said in an interview with France’s Madame Figaro magazine in July 2012. “It’s something which comes first, always makes sense, and compared to the happiness of a successful family life, everything else is practically superficial.”


The actress was also linked to numerous famous men in the past including Jude Law, Jake Gyllenhaal, Moby, Nathan Bogle, and Rodrigo Santoro to name a few.




Natalie Portman was formerly known as Natalie Hershlag born on June 9, 1981, in Jerusalem, Israel to Avner Hershlag and Shelley Stevens. 


Ever since she was a kid, Portman has always been an avid learner. When she was just four years old, she began to learn dancing and performed in many regional troops. She also started attending several theatre centres during her childhood days.


Portman went to the American Theatre Dance Workshop in New Hyde Park, New York, where she was properly taught ballet and contemporary dance. She also attended Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts in Wheatley Heights.


It appears that Portman was always so enthusiastic about learning new things and even while she became an actress, she attended Harvard College, where she received her A.B. degree in Psychology and graduated in the year 2003. The next year, she decided to attend the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for grad courses. 


She also served as a guest speaker at Colombia University and lectured on the topic of terrorism and counterterrorism. Portman has co-written two research paper and knows how to speak Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, French, and German.

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