Mr. Inbetween season 4: Release date, Cast and Updates

Mr Inbetween came to a dramatic end with the season three finale. The Foxtel drama, starring Australian actor Scott Ryan, aired its first episode in 2018 and has achieved glowing critical success across its three seasons. And while fans are eager for more, there’s a question whether or not season 4 of the series will premiere. Well, here’s all that you need to know about Mr Inbetween season 4!

Mr. Inbetween: All about the series!

Mr Inbetween is an Australian crime drama currently airing on FX. It is created by Scott Ryan and directed by Nash Edgerton. The series is executive produced by Nash Edgerton, Scott Ryan, and Michele Bennett. It was shot in Australia and is produced by Blue-Tongue Films and Pariah Productions in association with FX Productions.

The show is based on Ryan’s 2005 cult film ‘The Magician’. It follows Ray Shoesmith (Ryan) and tells the story of the protagonist, Ray Shoesmith. He works as a hired assassin. In between, he is responsible for managing his child, balancing a relationship, and maintaining friendships while caring for his sick brother.

Will Mr Inbetween be renewed for season 4?

Unfortunately, Mr Inbetween is not coming back for season 4. FX cancelled the show after 3 seasons. Thus, there won’t be a season 4 for now. However, in a May 2021 interview, Ryan raised the possibility that the character might unexpectedly resurface.

The actor and screenwriter revealed to the Sydney Morning Herald that they already have a script on hand for another production. This includes his distinctively Australian humor and violence.

“I don’t want to shock people too much,” he continued, “but a romantic dark comedy is absolutely on the cards.” That said, don’t worry Scott Ryan fans since the talented multi-hyphenate has some exciting things up his sleeve!

What to expect from Mr. Inbetween season 4 plot?

So far we know that the fourth instalment has been cancelled. However, if it ever happens, we can expect to see how Ray will deal with the loss of Bruce. He may find out how to care for his aging father Bill (Kenny Graham). And, face the possibility that his daughter Brittany (Chika Yasumura) will discover who he is.

We saw that Ray is working freelance and feels alienated after severing links with old boss and confidant Freddy (Damon Herriman). But with business growing, Ray’s issues are exacerbated by a new link with kingpin Rafael (Jeremy Sims).

In the fourth instalment, we will also see him connect with his new co-worker Zoe (Emily Barclay). However, an unexpected catastrophe will leave Ray reconsidering his career and ethics. That’s the anticipation from our side. If we receive more updates, we’re sure to keep you guys informed. Stay connected with us!

Mr Inbetween season 4 release date?

Season 4 has been cancelled. Hence, there’s no release date.

Mr Inbetween season 4 official synopsis

The following is a synopsis of the future narrative from the network: “Fellow underworld figures dub Ray ‘The Magician’ for his uncanny ability to make things disappear. As his family crumbles, emotions rage and violence escalates, the blood on his hands may finally cause the magic wand to slip”.

How Many Episodes Are There In Mr. Inbetween?


Mr Inbetween spawned a total of three seasons so far with the third season wrapping the series for good. The series produced an overall 26 episodes. The list of episodes for each season are mentioned below:

Season One Episode List

  • Episode 1: The Pee Pee Guy

  • Episode 2: Unicorns Know Everybody’s Name

  • Episode 3: Captain Obvious

  • Episode 4: On Behalf of Society

  • Episode 5: Hard Worker

  • Episode 6: Your Mum’s Got a Strongbox

Season Two Episode List

  • Episode 1: Shoulda Tapped

  • Episode 2: Don’t Be a Dickhead

  • Episode 3: I Came from Your Balls?

  • Episode 4: Monsters

  • Episode 5: Can’t Save You

  • Episode 6: Let Me Stop You There

  • Episode 7: Watch Out for Snakes

  • Episode 8: See You in Your Dreams

  • Episode 9; Socks Are Important

  • Episode 10: Nice Face

  • Episode 11: There Rust, and Let Me Die

Season Three Episode List

  • Episode 1: Coulda Shoulda

  • Episode 2: Champ

  • Episode 3: All I Ever Wanted

  • Episode 4: Cut The Crap Princess

  • Episode 5: Before I Went To War

  • Episode 6: Ray Who?

  • Episode 7: I’m Your Girl

  • Episode 8: I’ll See You Soon

  • Episode 9: I’m Not Leaving

Where can I watch Mr Inbetween?

You can watch the series on Hulu and Disney plus.

Will there be a season 5 of Mr Inbetween?

Season 4 of the series has been cancelled by the network. Hence, there won’t be a season 5 of Mr Inbetween.

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