Most Lucrative Healthcare Jobs in New York in 2022

Healthcare workers have always been important members of society so is Allied healthcare jobs, but their value has risen over the past two years. They are playing a critical role during the Covid-19 pandemic, selflessly caring for the sick and risking their lives for the greater good. The surge of the virus also left a need for more people to enter the healthcare workforce, making it a very lucrative industry.

In big cities, these professionals are more sought after, and as New York is the most populated city in the country, there is no shortage of opportunities for healthcare professionals. Here are just a few of the most lucrative positions within the industry:


It’s no surprise that surgeons make it onto this list. This highly specialized profession has an average salary of $208,000. Their pay can vary depending on the number of procedures they perform and their complexity. Some specializations also earn more than others. Physicians who perform plastic surgery, like famed surgeon Dr. Jacono, will most likely earn more than those under orthopedic surgery. Though the pay can certainly vary, it’s no secret that the specialty is highly lucrative– especially for those who are well-established within their track. While the demand for surgeons isn’t necessarily high, the need for them is still quite constant.

Remote nurses

With the pandemic forcing people to stay at home, the need for remote workers– especially nurse practitioners– rose. Many of them work in telehealth, offering their services to people through online communication channels like video calls. They can potentially make a little over $100,000 annually, which is relatively close to the average salary of onsite workers but without the risk of contracting the virus. Remote nurse practitioners in New York will need a certification from institutions registered with the city’s Education Department. They will also need to pay the registration fee and other costs needed to practice. The demand for professionals in this line of work is expected to steadily increase in the incoming year, making it a practical job for nurses in the city.


As the discourse around mental health and the de-stigmatization of their diagnoses continues, more people are seeking out the help of psychiatrists. Career Lancer reports that on average, these specialists make $105.98 an hour. Many psychiatrists have their own practices, giving them more freedom with their schedules. The demand for these professionals is quite high, especially in New York, as the ratio of physicians to patients is unbalanced. To be a psychiatrist, medical doctors have to undergo training and licensure examinations before being able to practice. They are tasked with diagnosing and medicating patients who may be suffering from mental illnesses. It is a good line of work for people who would like to have more control over their hours and prefer creating long-term connections with their patients.


While an anesthesiologist’s job may not be as action-packed or dynamic as a surgeon’s, without them, people would not be able to have life-saving procedures done. Forbes lists their annual salary in New York to be $212,730. While this lies in the middle in terms of income when compared to other states, it’s still relatively high compared to other professions. This subspecialty requires extensive training since one wrong dosage can be lethal to their patient. As with the other jobs on this list, the need for anesthesiologists is increasing steadily, making it a viable and lucrative career for those living in New York.

There will always be career opportunities for healthcare professionals within the city as they keeps society functioning through medical care. These are just some of the lucrative positions these workers can fill if they want to practice in New York.

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