Moana 2: Release date, Cast and Plot

Moana is a 2016  animated Disney movie, which made its theatrical debut in November of the same year. The flick garnered positive reviews from critics and fans the world over. It did a gangbuster business at the global box office against a budget of $175 million. The film also received a host of accolades and Academy nominations for its unique storyline and fascinating characters. Since 2016 , fans are keenly awaiting a sequel to the film, however, neither the creators nor the production house has confirmed a movie follow-up so far. But the commercial success of Moana has led Disney to bring back the epic journey of Moana and Maui to the screens via a television series. Yes, you read that right. Your favorite Disney princess is returning for Moana two, the series. Here is everything you need to know about Moana 2’s release date, cast, and plot. 


When is Moana two getting released? 


We have no specific release date of the sequel to Moana. Nevertheless, the series is scheduled for a 2023 release as announced by Disney.  Disney took to Twitter to announce the second part of Moana. The tweet included announcements of the three other Disney’s original animated series- Baymax, Zootopia +, and Tiana, which are due to air in 2022. Unfortunately, we have to wait a little more for Moana two, but it will be worth it.


Moana one had a run time of 103 minutes and is currently available for streaming on Disney Plus. While we wait patiently for its sequel, you can always catch up with the adventures of Moana on the streaming platform. 


What to expect from the plot of Moana two?

We have no specifics available regarding the plot of Moana two. Having said that, we expect that the series will continue the story following the events of its predecessor. Moana one introduced us to the titular character, Moana, who is entrusted with a responsibility to unite Te Fiji, the deity of Polynesian village, with her lost heart. Despite all the impediments and despair, the stubborn girl fulfills her destiny and returns to her home. After her return, she heads the Polynesian Island and restores normalcy to the village. Moana is accompanied by the demi-god, Maui, in her epic journey from Polynesian island to Te Fiti’s island and vice-versa. 


It is a safe bet to say that Moana two will comprise an equal mix of thrill and action as its predecessor. The story can go in different directions, but the fans are curious to know what the creators of Moana 2 have in store for them. Stay tuned to know more. 


Who is in the Cast of Moana two?


The television sequel to Moana’s cast information is still under wraps. But given that the vocal performances had a critical role in defining its success, it is difficult not to see the original voice cast returning to the follow-up series. Auli’i Cravalho will be in the forefront as Moana, the lead character of the series. Besides her, Maui, played out by Dwayne Johnson, will be in the voice cast of Moana two. Temuera Morrison (Tui) and Nicole Scherzinger (Sina) will reprise their roles as Moana’s possessive parents. 

There is one character who is unlikely to make a comeback to the sequel. It is Tala (Rachel House), the mother of Tui, the village chief. Tala succumbed to illness in Moana one, so there is slight possibility of her return. Additionally, the viewers might see new characters popping up in the animated series, depending on the storyline of the follow-up, however, nothing is yet revealed about the additions to the cast. 


Ron Clements and John Muster may return to their directorial roles while Walt Disney Animated Studios will be the production house behind the project. 


When is the trailer of Moana two getting released?

Unfortunately, the series’ creators have not given away many details about Moana 2. So the trailer is still a long ways off. We shall update this blog as more information about Moana 2, the series becomes available. Till then, watch this space for more from the entertainment industry. Also, tell us in the comments about your favorite Disney characters? 

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