Missing: The Other Side Season two’s Renewal Status, Release date, cast information, and more

Have ever thought about what happens to those who go missing while they are living? What if they don’t ever return? And remain shrouded with the mysteries of their deaths? Well, welcome to Duon village, where dead souls dwell. OCN’s 2020 K-drama thriller, Missing: The Other Side portrays a bizarre village, Duon village where the dead are seeking truths behind their deaths. It is a blend of mystery and thriller, that leaves the audience craving for more after its story draws to a close. And thankfully, fans should not be disappointed as there is more to the missing and finding tales of this South Korean drama. Yes, you read that right. Back in April 2020, it was confirmed that a follow-up to the series is underway. But that was long back, now the show is all set to return soon. With that said, here is everything we know so far about Missing: The Other Side Season two from its release date to possible storyline to cast and more:

Missing: The Other Side Season two’s Airing date

Missing commenced filming back in 2021 and we know now when would it air. The series would drop its next episodes in the last quarter of 2022. And we are already hyped up to hear that. Unlike its initial run, the second installment is slated for release on tvN. But it is not yet clear whether its sequel will follow an 8-episode count like its first part or surprise fans with more episode numbers. Keeping in mind its previous episode format, it is safe to assume that season two will also give us at least eight episodes if not more. 

Missing The Other Side season two’s possible plotline

Season one of Missing The Other Side’s ending gave viewers a satisfying ending, leaving no loose threads hanging. That makes it very difficult for us to fully predict its future storyline. But one thing is sure the future episodes will have an equal measure of twists and mysteries that will keep the viewers hooked throughout. 

Season one saw Kim Wook discovering the corpses of many missing people and finally setting their souls free. Wook also had a chance to bid goodbye to his mother. Additionally, Shin Joon-ho found the body of his fiancee, Choi Yeo-na following which the latter parts happily from the village of dead. Pan-Seok also ceases to see the village as police rush to his building complex to find the mortal remains of his daughter, Hyeon-Ji. At the series’ end, every character’s storyline is neatly wrapped up, leaving no room for a possible season two to pick up from. Thus, what follows in the next batch of episodes is not entirely known yet. So, stay tuned as we update this space.

Missing The Other Side season two’s cast details

Though we have no cast roaster for season two as of now, it is safe to say that if not all but most original characters from the series will reprise their roles for a sophomore season. With that, one could expect Go Soo (as Kim Wook), Heo Jun-Ho (as Jang Pan-Seok), Ahn So-Hee (as Lee Jong-A), Seo Eun-Su (as Choi Yeo-Na), Ha-Joon (as Shin Joon-Ho), Song Geon-Hee (as Thomas), Kang Mal-Geum (as Kim Hyun-Mi), Ko Dong-Ha (as Kim Joon-Soo), Kim Jung-Eun (as Jo Myeong-Soon), Moon Yoo-Kang (as Kim Nam-Kook), Park Hye-Jin (as Choi Mi-Ja), Ahn Dong-Yeob (as Park Beom-Soo), Lee Ki-Chan (as Park Byeong-Eun), Lee Joo-Myoung (as Jang-Mi), Lee Joo-Won (as Park Young-Ho), Jang Kyung-Su (as Detective Bok), Jang Sun-Yool (as Seo Ha-Neul), and Ji Dae-Han (as Baek Il-Doo).

It is anticipated that the series will introduce the audience to some new faces and characters. But we will know more about it when the time comes. 

The series is written by Ban Gi-ri alongside Jeong So-young. Min Yeong-hong has successfully helmed the show’s all eight episodes. While Studio Dragon is the production house of the show. 

Missing THe Other Side Season two’s Trailer: Is there any shared footage of the sequel yet?

Sadly, there is no shared footage from the sets of Missing The Other Side as of now. However, with production in line, we should be in for a treat sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, you may catch up on the prior season of MIssing on Rakuten Viki. It may be noted that the series is not easily available on the internet. Thus, if you wish to binge the series, head over to the digital app. 

How excited are you for season two of Missing The Other Side? Drop your answers along with the names of your favorite character(s) from the show in the comment sections below. 


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