Mieruko Chan Season 2 Updates: Check Renewal Status, Release Date and more!!

Mieruko Chan is a popular anime series based on a manga series. Mieruko Chan Season 2 has not yet been renewed for another season as of now. The Mieruko Chan anime is also known as  見える子ちゃん in Japanese that actually implies ‘The Girl Who Can See Them’. Written by Tomoki Izumi and illustrated by the Mieruko-Chan manga series, Mieruko Chan is a horror and supernatural anime series that has fun elements of drama and comedy as well. The story of the anime series revolves around a young girl called Miko Yotsuya who has the supernatural ability to see ghosts and spirits. All the time during the entire series, Miko Yotsuya has a very tired and somber expression. She is extremely tired from seeing all the ghosts and spirits around her. However, she tries her best to ignore and avoid these spirits and fake a smile in front of others.

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Mieruko Chan Season 2 Renewal Status

So far, there has only been one season of the popular anime series Mieruko Chan. We still have not yet received any updates about the renewal status of Mieruko Chan for another blockbuster season. If Mieruko Chan will be considered for a renewal, then two of the most important factors will be considered for the same. These factors include source material for the anime series and the amount of profit that the first season made.

Let’s first analyze the availability of source material and if it will be enough to produce another season of Mieruko Chan anime series. As per official sources, there are a total of 9 volumes of Mieruko Chan manga series as of 23rd May 2023. Furthermore, there are also no side stories or light novels that are included alongside it. Also, the manga Mieruko Chan is still ongoing and has not yet been ended. The ending of the series is also not anywhere in sight because the manga started just four years back and it is expected to run for a long period of time.

Furthermore, the anime series Mieruko Chan was not a complete flop, and it definitely made some money. However, it’s still very soon to predict if the anime series has yet made enough profit to kickstart the production of another season. We still need to wait for three to six months to see what figures of profit the anime makes.

Mieruko Chan Season 2 Release Date

Since the anime series has not yet been officially renewed by the showmakers, we do not have an exact release date for the same. If we are to predict a release date, we can expect Mieruko Chan Season 2 to return sometime in 2024. There is absolutely enough source material to power another season and the series also made enough profit to power another season of the anime series.

Mieruko Chan Season 2 Returning Cast Members

The anime series Mieruko Chan has a commendable ensemble of Voiceover Artists. We are expecting the following VA to come back and reprise their roles in the next season:

  • Sora Amamiya voicing Miko Yotsuya
  • Kaede Hondo voicing Hana Yurikawa
  • Ayane Sakura voicing Yuria Niguredou
  • Yuuichi Nakamura voicing Zen Toono
  • Ikuko Tani voicing Mitsue Takeda
  • Yumiri Hanamori voicing Kyousuke Yotsuya

Considering all the factors and the huge number of followers that the anime series Mieruko Chan has amassed, there are pretty good chances that the anime series will produce another superhit season. Stay tuned with us to receive more official updates on Mieruko Chan Season 2!!!

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