McDonald and Dodds Season 4: Release date, Cast, and Plot

Created and primarily penned by Robert Murphy, “McDonald and Dodds” is a British crime drama television series inspired by the English city of Bath that was first launched in March 2020. The series features Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins as conflicting detectives, playing the role of DCI Lauren McDonald and DS Dodds respectively. 


The tale centers on streetwise former London police Lauren McDonald (Tala Gouveia), as she lands in Bath to supervise the local Crime Investigation Department (CID), and is teamed up with DS Dodds ( Jason Watkins), a timid, self-effacing police who has not witnessed a real street action in over a decade. 


The series has so far produced a total of three seasons. The third season premiered on June 19, 2022, and the finale ended with the mismatched duo of detectives trying to unfold numerous mysterious cases. The two main characters Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins who reprised their role in season 3 were joined by celebrity guest stars including Kelvin Fletcher (Emmerdale, Strictly Come Dancing).


With the end of the season, the question that immediately arises is will the series be back with the fourth season? Well, let’s find out the deets below.


Will there be a Season 4 of McDonald and Dodds?


Currently, nothing is confirmed concerning the series’ fourth season. But we’re optimistic that 

McDonald & Dodds will definitely return for a fourth run. It’s only a matter of time for ITV Studios to make the renewal announcement. Until then fans can wait patiently for more official updates from the showmakers.


McDonald & Dodds Season 4 Release Date


As mentioned earlier, the show is yet to be renewed but if in case, it gets renewed in the coming days and production begins by this year itself, fans can expect the new season to be out sometime in 2023.


As per speculations, the stars of the show are already excited for the next season and we can’t wait to see what’s going to take place in the fourth season. 


McDonald & Dodds Season 4 Cast: Who will return? 


The official cast line is not confirmed not jas there been any concrete information when it comes to the upcoming season. However, if a fourth season happens, it’s obvious for the two main characters Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins to return and play the titular duo.


Here are the expected cast members to appear in season 4 of McDonald and Dodds:


  • Jason Watkins in the role of DS Dodds

  • Tala Gouveia will be back DCI Lauren McDonald

  • Claire Skinner will return as Chief Supt Ormond

  • Lily Sacofsky will act as DC Milena Paciorkowski

  • Danyal Ismail will depict as DC Martin Malik

  • Charlie Chambers in the character of DC Goldie


In addition to that, we’d also expect a set of new guest stats to star in the show. The past seasons guest stars included Alan Davies, Sarah Parish, Paul McGann and Louise Jameson to name a few, playing the role of suspects.


What Can We Expect from Season 4 of McDonald and Dodds?


The exact plot details for season 4 of McDonald and Dodds are not revealed yet but the star of the show Tala Gouveia did reveal portions of what we can expect in the next season. 


The actress stated: “Sometimes we make suggestions for storylines – Jason and I are both very keen on a holiday film. McDonald loves Tenerife, so we think it would be great to have a film set there, especially as we film in the winter. I can see Dodds in his Bermuda shorts. I think it would be such a great opportunity for loads of comedy. That’s my pitch.”


Explaining more specifically about what might possibly happen for her character in the forthcoming episodes, Gouveia said: “It’s strange because when you play a character, you start feeling empathy for them, so you want good things to happen to them.”


Further adding: “But actually, good things are often quite boring for the show – you want the problems, breakups or to see someone getting reprimanded, all that drama, so I’m probably hoping for more tension and more challenges for her, which is fun to play… but I do wish her the best.”


Where To Watch McDonald and Dodds?


You can now watch all seasons of McDonald and Dodds on Sky Go, ITV Amazon Channel, BritBox Amazon Channel, and Virgin TV Go.

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