Maldivas Season 2: Release date, Cast, and more updates

Netflix has a large library of content that caters to every age group of audience. Like mystery fans, the streaming platform has just enough content to satiate their hunger. One such series that has garnered the attention of fans and critics alike is Netflix’s latest Brazilian drama, Maldivas that portrays the family secrets of Liz, who moves to Maldivas condo, Rio De Janeiro in search of her estranged mother, Patricia. It’s intriguing to discover that the condo’s vibrant and colorful life has secrets of its own that Liz learns about while investigating her mother’s demise/disappearance. First landed on 15th June 2022, the series has left fans craving for more after its cliffhanger finale episode. But unfortunately, there is no firm word on Maldivas season two, which leaves us devastated after a hit show. Nonetheless, we should let our hopes die as it is typical for the streamer to release seasons after some gap. With that, here’s everything you must know about a possible Maldivas season two:

When will season two of Maldivas be released?

With no renewal update about its season two, it is hard to predict when we will get to watch its future episodes. In lack of solid details, we have nothing except speculations to rely on. That said, a sequel of Maldivas will be dropped no later than 2024 provided Netflix is keen to invest in the project. Usually, the streamer considers ratings and viewership statistics before deciding on any show’s future. Thus, there is still a possibility for a part two, but it might be some way off.


Maldivas initial run consists of seven episodes, so it is safe to assume that its future season will follow a similar episode count. 

What will be the possible plotline of Maldivas Season two?

As of now, there is no exact plotline for Maldivas season two. And sadly, the first season was complete with no loose plot threads which make it even more difficult to fully predict the future storyline. In that case, we should wait a while until things become clear. 

Maldivas Season one’s ending explained

Maldivas season one saw Liz firing at her grandmother to save Patricia, whose death unfolded several dark secrets of many associated with her. With Patricia leaving the country enlisting the help of Delinson and Liz discovering her family secrets, it is right to say that season one neatly wrapped up the plot twists and story of every character by its end. 

For the unvetted, here’s season one’s official plot synopsis that reads: 

“Don’t be fooled by appearances: there are many secrets behind the Maldivas vibrant condo in Rio de Janeiro. Liz, a new resident of the condominium, seeks to understand the mysteries behind her mother’s death but ends up discovering that each of her neighbors has something to hide. “

Who will be in the cast of Maldivas season two?

Although we have no cast specifics of the series yet, it is safe to say that the majority of its original characters from season one will possibly return for a sophomore season. The show features a myriad of Brazilain stars- Natalia Klein as Verônica Morticia,   Bruna Marquezine as Liz, Manu Gavassi as Milene, and Sheron Menezzes as Rayssa. Additionally, Kleber Toledo joins the series as Victor Hugo, Carol Castro as Kat, and Enzo Romani appears as Denilson. Aside from the mentioned, Other primary characters include Patricia Duque/Leia played by Vanessa Gerbelli, Joana played by  Angela Vieiralso, Captain Rafael as Alejandro Claveaux, Maura as Fernanda Thurann, and Caua as Samuel Melo. 

Natalia Klein is the creator of this mystery comedy series. José Alvarenga Jr helms the show. 

Is there any trailer available for Maldivas season two?

With Netflix and the creators being tight-lipped about their plans for season two, fans should not expect to see a sneak peek of season two any sooner. But we shall keep you posted about any developments on Maldivas. So, check this space for more updates about your favorite television shows, sitcoms, anime, and more. 

Have you watched Maldivas yet? If so, how did you like it? 

Maldivas Season one is currently available on Netflix for viewers worldwide. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to catch up with this brilliant show. 


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