Making It Season 4: Release Date, Cast, and Plot Updates

NBC’s reality show ‘Making It’ and its unscripted ways have had fans intrigued by its unique concept. The tv show is co-hosted by Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler. The series was released on NBC on July 31, 2018.


“In the show, I kind of represent the person who’s new to this world—who’s really been drawn to the world of making, but doesn’t know how to start,” reveals Amy Poehler in a 2019 interview with Deadline when asked about what inspired them to come up with the show ‘Making It’. 


“What I like about the show is it caters to the real maker, who knows how to use materials and wants to be inspired, and then also the person who is intrigued by that world, but intimidated by it. So, I represent that person; my learning curve is huge. But Nick can speak well about what making things feels like, and what it does for us,” she added.


The series is executive produced by Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Brooke Posch, Nicolle Yaron, Dave Becky, Pip Wells, and Anthony Dominici and is produced by Universal Television Alternative Studio, Paper Kite Productions, and 3 Arts Entertainment. While its main distributor is none other than NBCUniversal Television Distribution. 


Making It Season 4 Release Date: When is it?


As of August 2022, there’s been no official update or word from the show makers even though it’s been over a year since the third season came out. Moreover, an air date for the fourth season is also not provided as NBC still hasn’t officially renewed the show for a fourth series. We assume that the show might be on break and will probably return with another season of Making It sometime in 2023. 


Is The Reality Show ‘Making It’ Scripted?


No. The reality show mainly gained its popularity as it was deemed to be unscripted. In an interview with Deadline back in 2019, Poehler was asked if the tv show enlightened her to undertake further into the unscripted area.


“Yeah. We’ve been working with NBC on that. They have a strong department that looks for original stuff. We have some other things that we’re trying to develop with them, and it’s been a great experience so far,” she told the outlet. 


The Cast of Making It Season 4


In season 4, we expect Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman to return as co-hosts. Dayna Isom Johnson and Simon Doonan to serve as judges and also Jimmy DiResta, The Shop Master.


As for the contestants, nothing is revealed but with the new season comes new faces. The fourth season will probably introduce the viewers to a whole new batch of contestants.


Making It Season 4 Plot: What Would it be About?


The plot for the 4th season of Making It will pretty much remain the same as in the previous seasons. The show brings in people who are very skilled in crafting in various media as they compete against each other to win the title “Master Maker” and a cash amount of $100,000.  


However, this season the judges might present us with some new twists to make the show even more entertaining. All the more reason why we should look forward to the upcoming season. 


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