Maggie Season 2: Release date and  Everything we know so far

Hulu’s Maggie stars a mid-thirties woman who runs a psychic operation, but she’s not quite like your typical psychic. Nope! 

Since she was young, Maggie has been gifted with real psychic abilities. One day, when she catches a glimpse of herself in someone else’s future, things take a turn for the complicated. She thinks she sees a love story for herself in a client’s future that is destined, but will it actually come to fruition? Here’s everything you need to know about Maggie season 2!

Maggie: All about the series!

Maggie (Rebecca Rittenhouse) is a psychic with real abilities. Ever since she was young, she could see the futures of friends, family, and peers. The owner of Psychic Readings by Maggie, she’s turned this ability into a business. Things seem to be business as usual until she does a reading on Ben (David Del Rio). 


During Ben’s reading, she sees marriage, children’s toys, and literal sparks flying with a mysterious young woman. When the woman in the vision is revealed, she is surprised to see that it is herself. In shock, Maggie has to move forward with this new knowledge. Read on to know all about the series!

Will There Be a Season 2 of Maggie?

The second season of Hulu’s Maggie is definitely on the cards. Speaking to Rebecca Rittenhouse who plays Maggie said, “I would love to see her use her powers maybe in a different way,” when asked what she would wish to see in the upcoming season. Rittenghouse continued, “Maybe she thinks it’s a better way to use them, but maybe it’s ultimately not a better way, I don’t know. Maybe she tries to play matchmaker and that could blow up in a fun way. It’s all about putting her in uncomfortable situations.”

Also in another interview with AssignmentX, David Del Rio who plays the role Ben was asked if the first season which left things open-ended were intended to which the star responded, “Let’s just say that this is not intended to be a miniseries, no.”

Del Rio further added: “I think that MAGGIE the show is a mystical, magical romcom that, even though the show is about a psychic, really, it’s about finding yourself, it’s about getting to know who you are, and how to use your gifts to benefit the world around you. It comes with a positive message, with a nice, sweet romcom filter on top.”

When Is the Release Date of Maggie season 2?

The release date of Hulu’s series Maggie is on Wednesday, July 6, 2022. A total of 13 episodes were released. At under 30 minutes an episode, it makes for a perfectly binge-able series for those itching for a little psychic romance hijinx.

What to expect from the Maggie season 2 plot?

The official synopsis of Maggie is: It’s hard enough being a young, single woman in the world today – it’s harder when you also happen to be a psychic. Maggie has true psychic abilities, meaning she regularly sees the future of her friends, parents, clients, and random strangers on the street.


But when she begins to see glimpses of her own destiny at the same time that she meets an unexpected guy, her life gets even more comedically complicated. Can you let yourself fall in love when you think you know how it ends? She probably should have seen this coming…Rebecca Rittenhouse stars as Maggie. 


However, as for the season 2 plot of the series Maggie, the makers haven’t made an official announcement yet. That said, we cannot predict the plot further. Stream all episodes of Maggie only on Hulu!

Who’s going to be included in the Maggie season 2 cast?

Rebecca Rittenhouse, the main character will take her psychic love life further in the expected season 2. And so, she’ll definitely return. David Del Rio who played Ben is also expected to return for the role of maggie’s romantic interest. And, the love triangle will also be back and for that Chloe Bridgers is going to be back again as Jessie.


The psychic story is going to be incomplete without Maggie’s psychic mentor Angel, played by Ray Ford and to add the shenanigans. Louise, the friend of Maggie played by Nichole Sakura, can be seen in the expected season as Maggie’s parents. The actors Kerri Kenney and Chris Elliot will be back too, Angelique Cabral and Leonardo Nam are supposed to be back as Amy and Dave in the anticipated second season.

Where to watch Maggie season 2?

You may watch Maggie on Hulu!

Will there be a season 3 of Maggie?

Season 2 of the series Maggie hasn’t premiered yet. Hence, there are no updates about Maggie season 3!


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