Madison County 2: Release Date, Cast and Plot

Madison County is a thriller horror movie helmed and penned by Eric England released on October 17, 2011. If you are a fan of masked villains like Ghostface (Scream), Jason (Friday The 13th), Michael Myers ( Halloween ), and Harry Warden (My Bloody Valentine) to name a few then you may have already heard or watched Madison County and similar to the aforementioned movies, the infamous villain wears a mask too, a pig mask weirdly intriguing right? 

The story follows a group of friends as they go deep into the thicket to interact with an author who wrote a crime book based on a true story but what awaits them is a mysterious masked killer. 

The film somewhat feels very generic from the beginning to the end, with the film later narrating the main characters’ inevitable struggles at fleeing from the grasps of a gruesome pig masked psycho. It’s a unanimously common theory that is manipulated to the invariably bland effort by the director. 

Madison County didn’t do quite well in the box office either as the performances delivered were overall lacklustre. It didn’t stop there, the movie has also received many negative reviews. But likewise, some thoroughly enjoyed the movie and praised director Eric England for his unfailing efforts. 

In addition to that, Dread Central and Fearnet bestowed positive reviews, with Dread Central stating that while “it certainly isn’t a game-changing affair or anything”, but the movie (Madison County) “should definitely prove to be an enjoyable experience for all the indie horror-loving masses out there and makes for a fun little popcorn flick for the slasher film fans as well.”

So, what do you think? Will there be a sequel to Madison County? Here’s what we know about it.

Madison County 2 Release Date: When is it?

Madison County was released a decade ago and till now, we haven’t really heard anything from the filmmakers nor the cast members about a possible sequel. 

Well, this may not come as a surprise to many fans considering how the first movie was poorly received and a box office disaster. And also the fact that there are no talks about a sequel proves that there won’t be a sequel but then again we can not say anything for sure, the director back then and now may have a lot of differences in terms of directing skills and who knows if a sequel were to happen we can not help but be excited how it’ll turn out.

Coming back to the release date, it’s not available since the sequel isn’t even confirmed yet but better wait for further announcements though we don’t know when to expect one.

The Cast Of Madison County 2

We’re not sure if the previous cast members appeared in the first movie will appear but out of the five friends namely Colley Bailey (as James), Ace Marrero (as Kyle), Natalie Scheetz (as Jenna), Matt Mercer (as Will), Joanna Sotomura (as Brooke), all ended up dead except for James.

Other characters are Katie Stegeman (as Kristen), Adrienne Harrell (as Erma Ewell), and Nick Principe (as Damien Ewell)

Madison County 2 Plot: What To Expect?

If a sequel were to happen, the story will continue from the first movie left off. In the first movie, all the five groups of friends were killed off one by one by Damien except for Brooke who was stabbed to death by Erma (Damien’s mother) and James who had a narrow escape from Damien also known as the pig masked killer along with Kristen. 

Do you think James, the only one alive, will come back to avenge his friends? or will Damien find him first and kill him off since James already knows the secret of the town and his identity as a killer and of course, his mother too who is on Damien’s side. Well, only time will tell. Till then wait for further announcements. 


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