Madden 23: Release Date and What Can We Expect?

Madden 23 is a much anticipated upcoming game by EA, especially for those fans who love sports games. Below we have compiled all the latest information such as release date, leaks, and rumors regarding the upcoming sports game Madden 23.


Madden 23 Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?


EA is yet to announce the official release of Madden 23, however, it’s expected that the new sports game is set to arrive on August 19, 2022. But the official air date is not confirmed. It’s mainly just speculation because the game mostly arrives just around or after the NFL season. So a similar air date is anticipated and that is why August is the perfect month to launch Madden 23. 


Expectations and Updates for EA’s Madden 23


The abundance of new features in Madden 23 way surpasses those in the last game. A campaign mode named “Faced of the Franchise” will be featured in the upcoming game. Gamers determine the position of excellent athletes who are chosen for the NFL after completing their college of selection in this mode. Choice-making has an immediate effect on a person’s career. There’s also a regular update of the franchise mode. Many fans have made great suggestions to enhance the premise of the franchise. Some may anticipate viewing the model in action in the upcoming game, probably with the notions they’ve provided. 


In the last game, Madden 22 introduced the players to a more enhanced AI system, refined commissioner abilities, training, personal management, scouting, and new system engine boosts, to speak of some features. The home-field benefit, which enables the host side a great advantage over their competitors, is another latest feature. With several adjustments, anticipate getting these features in the forthcoming game which is the Madden 23.


Rumors and Speculations


The most asked question is whether or not Madden 23 will have a cross-platform. It has been rumored for several years but did not actually happen. It was speculated that EA was working on it and was presumed to make it happen not just on this game but on a lot of other games as well. Nevertheless, it was declared that FIFA would be getting into FIFA 23. It looks like there is barely any reason why Madden 23 should not get it, as Madden mostly follows what FIFA normally does. But then again these are all just based on rumours.


Another popular rumor that has been circulating is whether Madden 23 will have it on the Nintendo console. But then again, Madden has never had it on the Nintendo console. So could this be the right time to finally have it on Madden 23? In fact, this seems like the perfect time for Madden to have it introduced on the Nintendo console. Moreover, EA has been attempting to expand the Madden and EA franchise bigger, and an area they have been missing out on was to have Madden on the Nintendo Switch. However, this did not happen in the previous game but we’re expecting that it might finally be happening on Madden 23.


Needless to say, we’re unclear about what new features will be introduced, and since many of them are just based on rumors and speculation, one thing for sure is EA will continue to build and enhance Franchise Mode yet again. 


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