Mad Men Season 8: What are the updates and rumors?

There is no doubt that Mad Men is a massively popular series that gained huge success. Every season delivered was incredible. The audience applauded this series for its well-crafted plot, performances, visuals, etc. What more can we ask right?

Created by Matthew Weiner, Mad Men is an American period/serial drama produced by Lionsgate Television. The series premiered on July 19, 2007, on the AMC network. Set in a fictional period that takes place from the 1960s to the 1970s. It features Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Bryan Batt, Michael Gladis, Aaron Staton, Rich Sommer, Maggie Siff, John Slattery, Robert Morse, Jared Harris, Kiernan Shipka, Jessica Paré, Christopher Stanley, Jay R. Ferguson, Kevin Rahm, and Ben Feldman.

The series has produced a total of seven seasons so far and an overall 92 list of episodes with a runtime of 45 to 57 minutes. The last time viewers saw it arrive on the screen was way back on May 17, 2015, and it’s been years but we haven’t heard a single word from the show makers regarding a possible eight-season till now.

How many episodes do the seventh season and also supposedly the last season have?

The seventh season was released in two parts; the first part was launched on April 13, 2014, and the second part was released on April 5, 2015, and consisted of a total of 14 episodes that split into 7 episodes each. 

Here is the list of episodes for the seventh season of Mad Men–

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 13 July 19, 2007 October 18, 2007
2 13 July 27, 2008 October 26, 2008
3 13 August 16, 2009 November 8, 2009
4 13 July 25, 2010 October 17, 2010
5 13 March 25, 2012 June 10, 2012
6 13 April 7, 2013 June 23, 2013
7 14 7 April 13, 2014 May 25, 2014
7 April 5, 2015 May 17, 2015

Part 1: The Beginning

  • Episode 1: Time Zones
  • Episode 2: A Day’s Work
  • Episode 3: Field Trip
  • Episode 4: The Monolith
  • Episode 5: The Runaways
  • Episode 6: The Strategy
  • Episode 7: Waterloo

Part 2: The End of an Era

  • Episode 8: Severance 
  • Episode 9: New Business 
  • Episode 10: The Forecast
  • Episode 11: Time & Life
  • Episode 12: Lost Horizon
  • Episode 13: The Milk and Honey Route
  • Episode 14: Person to Person

As the second part of the seventh season is called “The End of an Era” could it mean that the show has ended for good? Is that why we haven’t heard any news from the showrunner? At this point, nothing is confirmed but fans of this series are desperately awaiting the eighth season. Without further ado, let’s get into detail.

Mad Men Season 8 Where to watch and Production 

Executive producers
  • Matthew Weiner
  • Scott Hornbacher
  • Andre Jacquemetton
  • Maria Jacquemetton
  • Janet Leahy
Production locations Los Angeles, California
Running time 45–57 minutes
Production companies
  • Weiner Bros. Productions
  • Lionsgate Television
  • RadicalMedia (pilot only)
  • AMC Original Productions
Distributor Lionsgate Television
Original network AMC
Original release July 19, 2007 –
May 17, 2015

The Release date of Mad Men Season 8: When will it premiere? 

The future seems uncertain for the show to be back with an eight-season. Nonetheless, the Wikipedia page, clearly states that the show has indeed ended and mentioned the release dates of the first and last episodes which are July 19, 2007 – May 17, 2015.

It also makes sense why the showrunners are quiet to this day though it has been years since the seventh season’s last episode came out. It could be that they have decided not to return with an eight-season and that the seventh season is truly the final outing of the show. 

But as previously mentioned, the show was a massive success. Not only did it earn notable acclaims such as winning 16 Emmy Awards and 5 Golden Globes but is also loved and praised by viewers across the globe. Despite such success, many fans started speculating that the show won’t be returning with an eight-season. However, there is still a slight hope that the showrunners haven’t canceled the series although it has been like almost 7 years. If the show is renewed fans can expect the eighth season to arrive sometime this year or in 2023.

The cast of Mad Men Season 8: Who will return?

Nothing is revealed as of now but the cast who appeared in the seventh season is expected to return if an eight-season happens as well including–

  • Jon Hamm (as Don Draper)
  • Elisabeth Moss (as Peggy Olson) 
  • Vincent Kartheiser (as Pete Campbell)
  • January Jones (as Betty Francis)
  • Christina Hendricks (as Joan Harris)
  • Aaron Staton (as Ken Cosgrove)
  • Rich Sommer (as Harry Crane)
  • Kiernan Shipka (as Sally Draper)
  • Jessica Paré (as Megan Draper)
  • Kevin Rahm (as Ted Chaough)
  • Christopher Stanley (as Henry Francis)
  • Jay R. Ferguson (as Stan Rizzo)
  • Ben Feldman (as Michael Ginsberg)
  • Mason Vale Cotton (as Bobby Draper)
  • Robert Morse (as Bert Cooper)
  • John Slattery (as Roger Sterling)

Mad Men Season 8 plot: Expectations

When it comes to the plot not much is known but if the show is greenlit for an eight-season run, the story would be picked up from where the last season left off as it ended on a major cliffhanger with many loose strings.

Mad Men Season 9

No official announcement has been made, as of now!

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