Lycoris Recoil Season 2 Updates: Renewal Status, Release Date, Cast Members, Plot, Where to Watch and more!!

‘Lycoris Recoil’ is a Japanese manga action-drama series (リコリス・リコイル) that premiered on 2nd July 2022 and ran through until 24th September 2022. The series premiered on Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, ABC, Mētele, and AT-X.

Created by Asaura and Spider Lily, the Japanese manga action series follows the story of Takina Inoue who is a member of an all-female task force consisting of assassins and sponsored by the government. The task force comprises of assassins and orphans who are termed as or referred to as ‘Lycoris’. Lycoris (name of a flower) is the name of the undercover group who works towards the elimination of criminals and terrorists in Tokyo.

‘Lycoris Recoil’ Season 2 Renewal Updates

As of now, there has been no official updates concerning the renewal status of ‘Lycoris Recoil’ Season 2. The production house A-1 Pictures has not yet released an official renewal status about ‘Lycoris Recoil’ Season 2. However, they have announced that maybe a new project is underway and will hit the screens soon. It’s not yet confirmed that it is ‘Lycoris Recoil’ Season 2, but fans can somewhere relax knowing that maybe the story of Takina Inoue will definitely continue.

‘Lycoris Recoil’ Season 2 Release Date

Since the Japanese manga action series ‘Lycoris Recoil’ has not yet been officially renewed for another season, we do not have a concrete release date for ‘Lycoris Recoil’ Season 2.

‘Lycoris Recoil’ Season 2 Returning Cast

The makers of the show have not yet finalized the returning cast for ‘Lycoris Recoil’ Season 2. Fans are highly anticipating that the followng cast members will return to voice our favorite on screen characters:

  • Chika Anzai (Japanese) and Lizzie Freeman (English) voicing Chisato Nishikigi.
  • Shion Wakayama (Japanese) and Xanthe Huynh (English) voicing Takina Inoue.
  • Misaki Kuno (Japanese) and Lisa Reimold (English) voicing Kurumi.
  • Kosuke Sakaki (Japanese) and Bob Carter (English) voicing Mika,
  • Ami Koshimizu (Japanese) and Jennifer Losi (English) voicing Mizuki Nakahara.
  • Maki Kawase (Japanese) and Morgan Berry (English) voicing Fuki Harukawa.
  • Makoto Koichi voicing Sakura Otome.
  • Yoko Soumi (Japanese) and Kayleigh McKee (English) voicing Kusunoki.
  • Yōji Ueda voicing Shinji Yoshimatsu.
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese) and Sean Chiplock (English) voicing Majima.
  • Yuki Sakakihara (Japanese) and Aleks Le (English) voicing Robota.

Where to watch ‘Lycoris Recoil’ Season 2?

Officially, once ‘Lycoris Recoil’ is premiered, it will be available for everyone to watch on Crunchyroll, Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, ABC, Mētele, and AT-X.

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