Lucifer Season 7, potential release date, cast details and rumors

We have heard/read of Hell, Heaven, and Almighty infinite times. But have you wondered what if the Lord of Hell feels bored and abandons his kingdom to settle in Los Angeles? Don’t be surprised. This is indeed the plotline of Netflix’s one of the popular series, Lucifer. The show first landed on our screens in 2016 and has had a major change in hands following its original network, Fox canned it after its third run. But Netflix was quick to save the day for fans that picked up the series for an additional two seasons. Tom Ellis (Lucifer Morningstar) led series was originally planned for a five-season run, however, it got a final sixth outing that aired in September 2021. Sadly, the renewal of the installment sixth also confirmed that the series will end. Since then, fans worldwide have launched several social media campaigns to #SaveLucifer. But all in vain, because the streamer has no plans to change its decision. With that, fans are naturally curious to know why their favorite series will not see the light of day after its long run? Here’s what you need to know about Lucifer season seven:

Why there is a slim chance of Lucifer season 7?

It is very unlikely that creators will bring back Lucifer for a seventh run. Because they believe that season sixth is a satisfying closure to the series with things neatly wrapped in the finale episode, thus there is no reason to have future episodes. But that does not mean that the show is dead in its entity. Fans could expect a spin-off or remake of the series in the future if someone takes interest in it. However, as of now, there is no season 7 of Lucifer. 

Also, the showrunners are happy with what they have made and have no intention of ruining anything. Joe Henderson and IIdy Modrovich have mutually agreed that there will be no further stories to tell after season six. 

Here’s what the creative minds behind the story have to say “It’s the story we were always going to tell, but just written much larger and to me [now] so much more interesting than it breaks my heart to think we weren’t [originally] going to do it this way,” said Joe. “When they were like, ‘Can you do one more?’ we said, ‘Yes, but this our last story.'”

But there are additional factors as well that have led to concluding the series like its production costs. It is a known fact that if a series launches season after season,  its production expenses increase too. In addition, the show’s declining ratings despite high viewership status across all six seasons may also be a reason behind its cancellation. 

Typically, Netflix attempts to lure in new viewers through its library of content while taking care of the entertainment needs of its existing viewers. It is how the streamer operates, which may be a very different from how other streaming platforms work. 

Lucifer summary

Lucifer follows the story of DC universe’s Devil version, Lucifer, who leaves his kingdom in Hell and starts a nightclub, Lux in Los Angeles. It is an encounter with Detective Chloe Decker that changed his destiny, the two team up to solve cases involving supernatural beings that further strengthen their bond. Its intriguing storyline has hooked viewers till the last chapter of the series. 

Lucifer Season 7’s Potential cast

If showrunners listen to viewers’ appeals and deliver a season seven to our screens, we see Tom Ellis as a predictable entry to the sitcom. Given that his performance as the Devil has drawn the attention of viewers and critics alike, Lucifer is not going anywhere from this show.

The show also comprises plenty of supporting cast including Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker, Kevin Alejandro as Detective Daniel “Dan” Espinoza, D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen, Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin, and Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez, who could be return for a seventh installment. 

Although the series will live on forever in the hearts of fans, we should digest this hard pill that Lucifer has ended its tenure. Nonetheless, fans could anticipate the series as a spinoff or a remake in the future. With fingers crossed, we hope that the Devil returns and introduces the story and its characters like a breath of fresh air. 

Where to watch Lucifer season one to five?

Season 1-6 of Lucifer are available now to stream on Netflix. If you have not watched it yet, catch up with it. Even if you miss the show and the eponymous character, there is a chance to revisit its 93 episodes spanned across six seasons on the streamer. 

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