Love in the Flesh Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date, and Updates


Similar to ‘Love Island’ BBC Three introduced us to another dating format and we can’t seem to get enough of it. The recently launched dating show “Love in the Flesh” premiered its eight-episode first season on March 23, 2022.


Speaking about the show to Memorable TV,  host Zara McDermott described: “Love In The Flesh is a dating show that is based around five couples who have only ever spoken online – they have connected either on dating apps or social media and the series brings them together for the very first time. Some of the couples have been speaking for years, and some of them just for a few months. The idea is that we bring them together in a peaceful beach house in Greece to meet for the first time – in the flesh.”


She continued: “We watch them lock eyes and have their first in-person conversation which is a really magical moment! And then we put them into this beach house for a week and see if these relationships can survive with no distractions of phones or dating apps. It’s a really fun show, but with a powerful meaning behind it as we explore what the landscape of dating looks like in today’s society for young people.”


Now that the show’s very first season is wrapped, will the show proceed further with a second season? Let’s find out.


Is Season 2 of Love in the Flesh Renewed or Canceled? 


As of this writing, BBC has yet to renew Love in the Flesh season 2. Given the popularity of the first season, it’s likely that a second season will be ordered. 


Love in the Flesh Season 2 Release Date


Unfortunately, the release date for the potential second season has not been announced yet because the dating show is  waiting to receive the green signal from BBC.


The first season of Love in the Flesh premiered on March 23, 2022. Although we do know the exact air date, the new season would definitely arrive sometime in 2023.


The Cast of Love in the Flesh Season 2


Season 2 will once again have Zara McDermott serving as the host of the show. She also previously appeared on Love Island.


In a chat with Radio, McDermott was asked whether Love in the Flesh reminded them of her old times on Love Island, she responded:  “In a way I very much felt that, you know, it’s a brand new experience,” she said. “I very much felt that anticipation of being in a new place and cameras being everywhere. It’s definitely an adjustment and it’s really exciting.


“So I definitely related to them and everything they were feeling and how excited they were. And it was great to live that through their eyes again.”


Further adding: “But in terms of the concept of the show – no, it was totally different, because you see the couples meet for the very first time. So it’s very different from Love Island and that concept.”


Love in the Flesh Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?


Season one introduced the viewers to five couples who have never met each other though they’ve been dating online. The couple spends seven days trying to get to know each other and decide whether their relationship will survive in the real world. The contestants who didn’t work out well get a chance to meet someone new in the show. Likewise, the second season will also follow a similar concept but it’s not confirmed how many couples will be introduced. We’ll have to wait for future announcements. 


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