London Kills season 4: Release date and Everything we know so far

With Acorn’s original crime drama, London Kills back for its third run after three years, fans are already keen to see more murder mysteries and thrill from the elite London-based murder investigating squad. London KIlls first landed on the network in 2019, and since then, have become a favorite mong murder mystery fan. Although the series is no different than many popular of its genre, it gives the feel of a gripping murder crime sitcom with its unique London setting. It stars Hugo Speer in the lead alongside Sharon Small, Bailey Patrick, and Allen-martin and has drawn the eyes of numerous viewers all over the world. Keeping the five-episode season’s tradition alive, season three was a treat for the series fans. That part three is already in the air, we are wondering what the future hold for the series. Will the be another round of the crime mystery? Or the show is a three-season run. Here’s everything you must know about season 4 of BBC’s hit show

Will there be another series of London Kills?


Yes! Great news for the fans as London Kills just got recently renewed by AMC Networks for its fourth season. 

Following the major cliffhanger of the previous season, it is no surprise that fans would get to see another season of this popular mystery drama series to continue the story further. 

London Kills season 4’s anticipated airing date


The first season of London Kills was released on Acorn TV on February 26, 2019. The second season was launched on July 15, 2019. The third season came out on June 6, 2022.


As for the fourth season of London Kills, it was just recently renewed and fans of this series from around the world were delighted to learn the news. 


However, there is no specific air date for the upcoming season as of now. Sadly, the showrunners have not revealed any information about the new season. But if we have to predict a release date, the new episodes will likely be out between mid or late 2023. 

Season 4 of London Kills’ possible plotline

Though nothing is known about the potent\ial plotline of London KIlls, we could expect the series to have equal elements of mystery, thrill, and twists, everything that has kept us hooked to its three installments. 

London Kills focuses on a different murder case in every episode but there is a centre plot revolving around the detective inspector, David Bradford’s wife, Sarah, who has been missing since the series starting. But finally, season two revealed the whereabouts of Sarah, who had been held captive in a house’s cellar by Philip, a mentally unstable man.

 In the last episode, David reunites with his wife, who is found unconscious in a graveyard. It seems that this case is solved in the second part and yet there is no scarcity of stories to be told in the next episodes. 

Its third part unveiled a long-buried secret of Vivienne Cole to a murder suspect that brought her and David cross their line on professional and personal fronts, giving us one more season of a thrilling crime drama.

Season 4 of London Kills expected cast

London Kills introduces audiences to an array of interesting characters including DI David Bradford (Hugo Speer), who leads the Metropolitan Police Murder Investigation Team, DS Vivienne Cole (Sharon Small), a senior detective inspector, 

Detective Rob Brady ( Bailey Patrick) is a senior detective constable in David’s team and rookie Detective Constable Billie Fitzgerald  (Tori Allen-Martin), is the least experienced in David’s squad. It is a delight to see each of these characters through all seasons bringing in a unique perspective to the murder investigations. Should the series get greenlit, we cannot wait to see them back in action.

 Paul Marquess has developed and written the series for all three seasons as well as executive produced it alongside Shane Murphy. Acorn reserves exclusive rights to the series. 

 So far the series has a total of 15 episodes, with each season having five-episode., If you have not binged it, the police drama is available on Acorn and soon will be on BBC One. 

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