Little Women: Atlanta Season 7 – Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Little Women: Atlanta is a third spin-off series to ‘Little Women: LA’. It is a reality TV series that made its debut on Lifetime on January 27, 2016. The series revolves around the daily activities of a bunch of little women residing in Atlanta, Georgia. The series stars Bri Barlup, Tiffany ‘Monie’ Cashette, Emily Fernandez, Ashley ‘Minnie’ Ross, Andrea Salinas, Amanda Salinas, Shirlene ‘Ms. Juicy’ Pearson, Tanya Scott, Samantha Ortiz, and Abira Greene. 


It is executively produced by Chris Coelen, Eric Detwiler, Scott Teti, Vanessa Butler, Rob Schwarze, Katie Griffin, Karrie Wolfe, Terra Jolé, Shirlene “Ms. Juicy” King, Gena McCarthy, Brie Miranda Bryant, and Cat Rodriguez.


The popular reality series returned with its sixth season on January 22, 2021, and ended on September 23, 2021. Ever since then fans have been dying to know if the series will be back for another season. However, things look uncertain as no official word or update has been given out so far concerning the 7th season of Little Women: Atlanta. Here’s what we know about it.


Will There Be a Season 7 of Little Women: Atlanta?


The reality TV program has been very popular among the audience ever since its debut and considering the success of the show, it would be highly unlikely to cancel the show after everything the gang has gone through so far. Well, that’s apparently what we think. But unfortunately, the series was canceled after spanning for six seasons. This means that the sixth season was the final season of the show and there will not be the seventh season of Little Women: Atlanta in the future.


In September 2021, Joe notified fans on his official Instagram account by sharing a post on the finale of the show that “it’s most likely a conclusion of all things “Little Women” on the Lifetime Network.” Here’s the Instagram post:


Little Women: Atlanta Season 7 Release Date: When is it?


The first season of Little Women: Atlanta was released on January 27, 2016. The second season aired on July 13, 2016. The third season was launched on January 4, 2017. The fourth season premiered on December 14, 2017. The fifth season was published on March 28, 2019, and finally, the sixth season which was released on January 22, 2021, and ended on September 23, 2021.


As mentioned earlier season 7 of Little Women: Atlanta will not make a return as the sixth season is supposedly the final run of the reality series. However, the cancellation news or season six being the final outing hasn’t been confirmed by Lifetime yet but it’s most likely that the network has quietly decided not to move forward with Little Women: Atlanta season 7.


And currently, an air date for the seventh season of the reality series has not been provided because it was discontinued. This came as a surprise to fans and hence, fans demanded a new season to be released. Unfortunately, it appears that the show really has ended for good.


So as of September 2022, the program still stands canceled, and there have been no official announcements thus far concerning a seventh installment. 

The Cast of Little Women: Atlanta Season 7


As mentioned earlier, the series was canceled back in 2019. The series produced a total of six seasons that ran from January 27, 2016, to September 23, 2021. If a season 7 of Little Women: Atlanta were to be rendered, it is expected that the following cast will return including: 


  • Tiffany “Monie” Cashette   

  • Ashley “Minnie” Ross   

  • Amanda Salinas   

  • Andrea Salinas   

  • Emily Fernandez       

  • Briana Barlup   

  • Shirlene “Juicy” Pearson

  • Tanya Scot    

  • Samantha Ortiz

  • Abira Greene       

  • Melissa Hancock       

  • Hope and Charity Drummond   

  • Tamera McLaughlin


Little Women: Atlanta Season 7 Plot


Plot details are not available because the series was officially canceled. Hence, no new season will be released in the future.

Little Women: Atlanta Season 7 was officially canceled. Sadly, there won’t be any new seasons in the future. The sixth season was the final outing of the reality show.  (Updated: 23/11/2022) 

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