‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Season 7 Cancelled? Here’s what we know so far

“Little Women: Atlanta” is the third spin-off series stemming from ‘Little Women: LA,’ debuting on Lifetime on January 27, 2016. The reality TV show focuses on the daily lives of a group of little women residing in Atlanta, Georgia, featuring Bri Barlup, Tiffany ‘Monie’ Cashette, Emily Fernandez, Ashley ‘Minnie’ Ross, Andrea Salinas, Amanda Salinas, Shirlene ‘Ms. Juicy’ Pearson, Tanya Scott, Samantha Ortiz, and Abira Greene.

Executive producers of the spinoff series include Chris Coelen, Eric Detwiler, Scott Teti, Vanessa Butler, Rob Schwarze, Katie Griffin, Karrie Wolfe, Terra Jolé, Shirlene “Ms. Juicy” King, Gena McCarthy, Brie Miranda Bryant, and Cat Rodriguez.

The sixth season aired from January 22, 2021, to September 23, 2021. As of now, there’s no official word or update regarding the potential seventh season, leaving fans eager for any information about the show’s future.

Is ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ officially canceled?

Despite its popularity since its debut, the reality TV program faced an unexpected turn of events. Contrary to expectations, the show was canceled after six seasons. Regrettably, this decision marks the conclusion of “Little Women: Atlanta,” with no plans for a seventh season in the future.

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Furthermore, in September 2021, Joe also posted on Instagram that hinted towards the cancellation of the blockbuster show. Check out his post below:

As of September 2022, there has been no official confirmation from Lifetime regarding the cancellation of “Little Women: Atlanta” or the conclusion of the series with Season 6. Despite fans’ demands for a new season, it seems that the show has indeed come to an end. No air date for a potential seventh season has been provided, and there have been no official announcements indicating a continuation of the program.

We do not know the potential reasons behind the cancellation of show as of now but we will surely update you once the official confirmation is released!

What was ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ all about?

“Little Women: Atlanta” is a reality show that captures the lives of a group of little women in Atlanta, navigating through drama, friendships, careers, and relationships. As part of Lifetime’s series of “Little Women” shows set in different cities, this particular installment showcases the feisty personalities and power struggles among the cast. Despite conflicts, the women unite to face the daily challenges of being little people in the bustling city of Atlanta. The featured ladies include twins Amanda and Andrea, secretive “Mama Bear” Ashley, assertive Bri, Tiffany in search of a life plan, and group leader Emily, who grapples with a rocky relationship.


Stay tuned for official updates on ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Season 7!!

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