Listing Impossible Season 2 Release date: To be Renewed?

Listing Impossible is a TV reality show that follows the concept: “Elite L.A. real estate agent Aaron Kirman and his team are experts at selling the impossible: lavish, multi-million-dollar properties that are still on the market due to the errors of stubborn homeowners. To sell these properties, Aaron and his team must be brutally honest with the owners and somehow convince them to follow their advice. Whether the décor is atrocious, or the property is overpriced, Aaron and his team are more than willing to tell wealthy homeowners things they aren’t so used to hearing-all in the interest of selling the impossible.”

Produced by Authentic Entertainment and CNBC, the series debuted in January 2020.

Will there be season 2 of Listing Impossible?

As of October 2022, no announcement about Listing Impossible has been released by CNBC yet. As soon as the makers decide to renew the series for a second season, there will definitely be an official declaration. Stay connected with us. 

Listing Impossible Season 2 Cast?

The first season of Listing Impossible was stacked with incredible contestants from all around the globe. Also, there was top-notch cast selection – as the casting directors did a fantastic job in finding the well-suited characters. 

In addition, the artist did an amazing job as a cast member. Moreover, the cast of the upcoming season is not yet finalized. As of now, there hasn’t been any official confirmation from CNBC either. 

However, keeping the finale of the first edition in mind, we can anticipate seeing some of the cast reappear in the next chapter


  • Aaron Kirman will play as Real Estate Agent
  • Yawar Charlie will play as Realtor
  • Jeff Blue
  • Edgar Gonzalez

Listing Impossible Season 2 Release Date?

The very first installment of the series, Listing Impossible was released in January 2022 and proved to be a huge hit in terms of viewership and ratings. Also, it was officially reported by CNBC that the series streamed by 20 million viewers within the first week of release. 


It’s been more than two freaking years since the production of the series released any official declaration on the renewal. However, Keeping the popularity of the show in mind, audiences still expect the series to be renewed shortly.  Precisely talking about the release date, makers have not released any officially announced yet. It has been roughly two-year since the production aired its first edition. As per the recent leaks, Authentic Entertainment is working on the renewal of the series. The renewal will be announced anytime in 2022. 

Listing Impossible: Where To Watch?

You can watch “Listing Impossible” on CNBC. You need to subscribe to be able to watch episodes on any of these platforms. The streaming platform will also premiere the upcoming season as well. 

Is listing the Impossible Season 2 Trailer?

No official confirmation on the making of the trailer is out from the maker’s end yet. As the release date hasn’t been announced, the promotional teaser or trailer isn’t out yet. It will premiere after 2-3 months when the official release date of the show has been finalized. Meanwhile, watch the season 1 trailer on YouTube!


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