Light The Night Season 4: Release date, Cast and updates

Ruby Lin has been recently spotted at the production house of the Light The Night franchise. Is this a hint from Netflix for the arrival of season 4? Well, are you all excited for the brand new season? If yes, continue reading… 

Here’s everything you need to know regarding the Light The Night season 4! 

Will Light The Night Season 4 be Renewed?

Netflix is yet to announce the renewal of the Light The Night season 4

Light The Night Season 4 Release Date?

As of now, the official release date of the series Light The night Season 4 has not been announced. That said, it would be hard to predict the exact release date of the series as it ended a month back. 

Nevertheless, if it happens, we may expect Light The Night Season 4 to be released somewhere in 2022. As soon as any updates regarding Light The Night season 4 are made public, we’ll inform you guys. Don’t forget to bookmark our page, and stay connected for future updates!

Light The Night Season 4 Cast?

So far, there’s been no confirmation related to the cast members of the upcoming season. However, if the series continues we hope to see some old faces appear in the next season. 

Find out the list of faces we might expect in season 4:-

  • Ruby Lin as Lo Yu-Nung a.k.a. Rose, the manager of ‘Hikari’
  • Yo Yang as Pan Wen-cheng, a detective
  • Cheryl Yang as Su Ching-Yi a.k.a. Sue, the owner of ‘Hikari’
  • Rhydian Vaughan as Chiang Han, a famous television screenwriter
  • Derek Chang as He Yu-en, a college student
  • Freya Fox as Li Ai Nuo, a new club hostess introduced in Season 3 [4]
  • Esther Liu as Li Shu-Hua a.k.a. Hana, a hostess of ‘Hikari’
  • Cherry Hsieh as Chi Man-ju a.k.a. Ah-chi, a hostess of ‘Hikari’
  • Nikki Hsin-Ying Hsieh as Huang Pai-he a.k.a. Yuri, a hostess of ‘Hikari’
  • Puff Kuo as Wang Ai-lien a.k.a. Aiko, a hostess of ‘Hikari’, Yu-en’s classmate
  • Cammy Chiang as Lin Ya-wen a.k.a. Yaya, an accountant and a hostess of ‘Hikari’
  • Hu Wei-Jie as Ting Chia-hao a.k.a. Hsiao-hao, a waiter of ‘Hikari’
  • Nash Zhang as Li Chien-ta a.k.a. Ah-ta, a detective
  • Dora Hsieh as Yen Chiao-Ju a.k.a. Mei-mei, a detective
  • Jim Liu as Wu Tsu-Wei, Yu-Nung and Shao-Chiang’s son

Light The Night Season 4 Ratings

Heading towards the ratings, the Light the Night has received 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb. However, on Rotten Tomatoes, it secures an 85% Tomatometer rating and an 89% audience approval rating. 

Where To Watch Light The Night Season 4?

As soon as Light the Night Season 4 comes down to the screen, it will start streaming on Netflix.

Light The Night Season 4 Trailer

The Light the Night Season 4 trailer is one of the most awaited series since 2020. Fans are very much excited for the Season 4 trailer. As of now, there’s not been an official announcement regarding the trailer of the series. However, you may anticipate watching a Light the Night Season 4 official teaser or trailer in the next couple of months. Meanwhile, find out the trailer of Light the Night Season 3 Here

We will get back to you with more updates on your favourite shows. so, make sure to keep us bookmarked for all the relevant updates. Cheers!

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