Life & Beth Season 2: Release Date, Updates, and Everything We Know So Far

Life & Beth is an American dramedy series created and written by Amy Shummer featuring Schumer, Violet Young, Michael Cera, Yamaneika Saunders, Michael Rapaport and Susannah Flood. It made its debut on Hulu on March 18, 2022.


Hulu’s new dramedy series Life & Beth creator Amy Schumer revealed that she got the inspiration while she and her spouse Chris Fischer were rebuilding her family’s old farm. “While I was pregnant [in 2019], we were up there, and I had time to think and slow down and daydream,” Schumer explained to EW in February. “Being in that place where my parents had gotten married, I started writing this story. It just hit me. It felt like something I had to get out.”


‘Life & Beth’ is Based on Amy Schumer’s Real Life Experiences 


Schumer, whose middle name is Beth said that the program showcases her real-life experiences as she portrays the lead role of Beth, “[Life & Beth is] based on themes from my life, but there is stuff that Beth does that really happened,” she continued. “There’s an episode where she flashes some boys. That happened to me. And Episode 9 has a dark moment that’s real.”


The actress also explained that the show is about letting go of your guilt and fear. “Because of these early traumas, we arm ourselves, and it’s about letting go and trusting and how to let yourself figure out how to be happy,” she said to EW.


When Life & Beth made its debut, it received generally positive reviews and piqued the interest of many viewers which made them look forward to another season of the show.


Life & Beth Season 2 Release Date: When Is It?


The show is currently yet to be renewed but we’re optimistic that Hulu will renew Life & Beth for at least one more season. 


So if the show returns with the second season, it is likely that new episodes will come out sometime in 2023. 


How Many Episodes Does Life & Beth Season 1 Have?


The first season consists of 10 episodes. The list of episodes are-


  • Episode 1: “The Sign”   

  • Episode 2: “We’re Grieving”   

  • Episode 3: “Out on the Island”   

  • Episode 4: “Pancakes”   

  • Episode 5: “Fair”   

  • Episode 6: “Boat”   

  • Episode 7: “Leonard”   

  • Episode 8: “Homegoing”   

  • Episode 9: “MRI”   

  • Episode 10: “Kiss from a Rose”


The Cast of Life & Beth Season 3: Who Will Return?


The following cast members are expected to return if a third season is renewed by Hulu.


  • Amy Schumer in the role of Beth

  • Violet Young in the role of younger version of Beth

  • Michael Cera will play John

  • Susannah Flood will play Ann

  • Yamaneika Saunders will play Maya

  • Michael Rapaport will portray Leonard

  • Kevin Kane in the role of Matt

  • Laura Benanti will play Jane

  • Larry Owens will play Clark

  • Rosebud Baker will portray Meri

  • LaVar Walker will portray Lavar

  • Gary Gulman will play Shlomo

  • Murray Hill (II) will play Murray


Where To Watch Life & Beth Season 2?


Season 2 of Life & Beth will be released on Hulu once it premieres. You can also watch all the episodes of season 1 on Disney+, Star+, Hotstar and on Hulu as well. 

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