Leave it to Geege season 2: Renewal Status, Release date and updates

If you are keen to watch something real, we’ve got a recommendation for you next. Leave it to Geege is a Lifetime docuseries and will be one of the most real things to see on the internet. It tells the story of an Atlanta mom of a 19-year-old, Pottie who is discovered with autism at an early age. Geege’s life story gives us unfiltered details into the lives of people on the autistic spectrum while making viewers aware of the authentic and positive aspects of raising a neurodivergent child. The show opened to positive reviews from fans and critics on 12th January 2022. With its finale episode out on 16th March 2022, viewers are keenly awaiting a season two of the Taylor family. Disappointingly, the series creators have not confirmed a second installment of Leave it To Geege. That said, there is also no reason why the series should not return. So, here’s everything that is known so far about a possible season 2 of Leave it to Geege.

When is the Release date for Leave it to Geege season 2?

The creators have not issued any concrete details regarding the release of Leave it to Geege part two as its predecessor has just been launched. With that, if the series renewal gets quick, we could expect a premiere date sometime in 2023, at the earliest. Season one includes a ten-episode count with an average 40 minutes run time. Part two is making a shift in its broadcast network to reach a wider array of audiences. So, sadly, fans won’t find the show on its former network, LIfetime. However, you can stream the program on other streaming platforms.

What is the potential Plot of Leave it to Geege Season 2?

Season one’s end saw Tyler, Pottie’s caretaker, getting reports of his autistic test, while the series star, Greece flying to Atlanta to discuss prevailing laws on autistic spectrum disorder with political leaders. Geege says that embracing pootie as who is he has helped her with a changed outlook on her life. When the single mother of two discovered his son’s disorder, she researched it on the internet. But to her despair, Geege could not find any happy stories because people chose not to talk about it then. To her, even the series characters portrayed just the challenges of nurturing an autistic child, and never focused on the little joys that come along with it. That’s exactly what Pottie’s mother wished to show through Leave it To Greece. And she was successful in doing so. 

Season two will follow the madness, laughter, and chaos of the Taylors as we see Geege giving her best as a mother.

Who are the likeable returns in Leave It to Geege Season 2?

What makes Leave it to Geege a binge-worthy series is its cast. With that, we expect The Taylor’s- Geege, Harper (Geege’s daughter), Pottie, and Puddin (Geege’s mother). The series will not be as entertaining as it is without their friends. Thus, fans would be delighted to see Nicky Stanley and Cree West returning for a season two. In addition to them, Geege’s British boyfriend, Mark George is likely to reappear in the next round of episodes.

Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, and Tom Campbell have created the series. 

Is there any trailer for Leave it to Geege available?

The trailer for Leave it to Geege is some way off since the series has not got a greenlit. But, don’t worry, we will keep you posted as we hear more specifics about Leave it to Geege season three. So, keep checking with us for more information on Leave it to Geege season 2.

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