Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Season 10: Updates and Rumours

Are you excited for another spine-chilling season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? Well, yes, that is a dumb question to ask, ’cause, Gee, who wouldn’t? With John Oliver’s charming personality and oh-so-funny punchlines, no wonder everyone’s in awe of him! In this post, we’ll cover all the latest updates and rumours that we have of this amazing TV show. So, bookmark this page or subscribe to us for more fun and informative content. Now, without any further ado, let’s get started!

One of the most humorous and refreshing TV personalities, John Oliver came up with this amazing show: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, where he takes on news, politics, and current events. Each episode comprises Oliver’s unique perspective on worldly problems, featuring special guests and celebrities.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is an American show illustrated and hosted by John Oliver. The show is half an hour long and debuted on HBO, in April 2014. Ever since its release, it has always been a hot topic for people to talk about. And why not? It bestows global information (without the monotony of media), in a fun, warming manner. Like Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, even this late-night talk show provides a satirical look at news, politics, and so on. Well, of course, with the tinge of Oliver’s distinct humour.

Oliver’s original contract with the production team was only for two years. And, as of November 14, 2021, 239 episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver have aired. The eighth season of the show concluded on November 14, 2021. Heck, that leaves room for the big question, which is, will the show be renewed again? According to the announcements made by the developers of the show, Last Week Tonight will be renewed for three additional seasons (of 30 episodes each). Thus, the show will be on the air till 2023. Dayum!

HBO announced that the ninth instalment of the show will be released on the 20th of February, 2022, which is due a few days. Consequently, we can reckon that season 10 will be released shortly after the 9th season is premiered over the network. 

Purpose of the show

In a nutshell, the show is about providing a distinct and deeper approach to the various issues of the world. Systemic issues, which comprise socio-political, socio-economical, complex interconnections, public issues, social outcomes, global news, and so forth. The host of the show, John Oliver, with his sense of humour and intricacy (within the categories of political satire) talks about them. It’s a well-recognized show in the whole of America, with the fandom reaching out to every corner of the world.

Format of the show for Season 10

The format for season 10 will be the same as the previous seasons. The theme commences with every episode comprising images of the systemic issues that Oliver will be providing his pov on. However, unlike The Daily Show (which follows recent news), Oliver elaborates each topic in-depth, exploring all the possible dimensions that there are. With his analogies, allusions to culture and celebs, and satire, the show is (literally) a laugh galore yet information-rich for everyone!


As for Season 10, Oliver describes his preparations for the show, asserting, “I basically have to watch everything. The only thing I kind of watch for pleasure is Fareed Zakaria’s show on Sundays. That and 60 Minutes I watch for pleasure, or maybe Frontline. I have a TV on in my office all the time and I’ll generally flick around on that from CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, Al Jazeera. I’m watching with a certain thing in mind and that is how to see a story told badly.”


The Last Week Tonight show is taped on Sunday at 7 pm, in front of the audience. The production team provides a limited quantity of free tickets to the public. The show includes a panel in the upper-left corner, where an image or graphic related to the subject, is displayed. Each of the episodes comprises shorter segments, and then, the main segment. The shorter segments are more so associated with recent news, whereas in the main segment, he conducts an in-depth analysis.

Other Production updates 

In an interview dealing with old news, John Oliver said, “If something happens on a Monday, realistically all the meat is going to be picked off that bone by the time it gets to us — there’s probably barely a point in doing it. I think we’ll be attracted to some extent by stories that are off the grid. Our show may end up skewing more international in terms of stories.”


The executive producer, Tim Carvell, of the show explains how the cast and crew react to Oliver speaking nonstop for half an hour straight without breaks. He said, “Structural considerations are leading to changes in the content in the show that will inherently make it different from The Daily Show. We realised early on, you don’t necessarily want to hear anybody talk to you for half an hour straight – even John, who is very charming – so we are constructing these little, produced comedy elements that will serve the function of commercial breaks throughout the show, which will let us get out of the studio, get us away from John’s voice and break the show up a bit.


Tim also revealed that HBO gave them leverage to choose celebs according to their own free will. When asked about “correspondents”, such as those featured on The Daily Show, Oliver replied, “we’re not going to be a parody news show, so no people pretending to be journalists.” Oliver also stated that he has full creative freedom to criticise corporations, et al.


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