LA’s Finest Season 3: To be renewed or canceled? Release date?

The spin-off of the Bad Boys franchise, LA’s Finest’s fate launched on Spectrum in May 2019 with its second run landed in September 2020 on the same platform. Starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba as lead female cops, the series has garnered positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Despite its dedicated fanbase, the crime drama was canceled after season two in October 2020. Although it remains unclear what led to the cancelation, fans are still hoping that season three of LA’s Finest will return on our screens soon. Sadly, it’s been a while since we heard updates about LA’s Finest season three. So, would another streamer pick up the series for a third installment, or is the series entirely dead? We have got the answer. Read on to find everything about a possible LA’s Finest Season 3:

LA’s Finest Season Renewal Status September

Back in 2020, anti-police protests in the USA relating to the murder of George Floyd led to the end of a couple of series including LA’s Finest. A 2020 Deadline report suggests that LA’s Finest was canned in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Its second part was also postponed several times before finally making its way onto our screens in September 2020. Thus, the future of the series became uncertain after the political drama that was prevalent across the nation. 

It was too early for a series like LA’s Finest to come to a close. Additionally, Netflix’s streaming deal with show creators gave us new hopes for the fans, yet the streaming service has not revealed any plans of continuing the story as of yet. The series rose to popularity with its Netflix release, with new audiences discovering the cop drama for the very first time. And it also became Netflix’s top 10 show of the week. With that, it will not be a surprise if the streamer decides to revive the show. 

LA’s Finest Season 3’s Airing date: When’s its date of the premiere?

There is no specific that confirms a new season of LA’s Finest. So, there is no point in speculating when would the series produce its third outing. But one thing is sure it is nowhere near released at this point as there has been no word about it for long.

LA’s Finest Season 3’s Plotline: What could it be about?

The police drama centers Sydney Burnett, a former DEA, who joins Los Angeles Police Department as a detective. Nancy McKenna partners with Burnett to investigate and resolve different crimes. Nancy has a dark past, that she conceals behind her appearances. The duo’s performances have gathered praises from viewers globally. 

It is equal parts action and comedy that manages to keep the audiences hooked till the series end. 

The series ran across two seasons for 26 episodes with a runtime duration of 22-25 minutes. 

Currently, there is no plot synopsis for LA’s Finest Season three. With that, fans have to wait a while to know what comes on our way in season 3.

LA’s Finest Season three’s cast: Who could be in the cast?

No casting details have yet been made official. Nonetheless, there is no reason why its stellar cast should not reprise their respective roles in a potential season three. With Gabrielle Union returning as Special Agent/Detective Lieutenant Sydney “Syd” Burnett, Jessica Alba as Detective Nancy McKenna, and Duane Martin as Ben Baines. Zach Gilford as Ben Walker, Ryan McPartlin as Patrick McKenna’s assistant district attorney, Sophie Reynolds as Isabel “Izzy” McKenna, and Ernie Hudson as Joseph Vaughn.

Season three may also bring into the mix, new characters and of course, cast to take the story ahead. 


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