La Brea Season 2: Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

Those fans who have been earnestly awaiting the second season can now breathe a sigh of relief as we bring you some good news regarding the upcoming season. Guess what? La Brea television series has been officially greenlit for a second season and we couldn’t be more delighted!


As per speculations, the NBC sci-fi series demands a thorough post-production and it appears that VFX, TVLine may have plans to include a large number of episodes divided into two parts, so that viewers would get to see the second season at the earliest. 


If you’re curious about where it’s filming, a confidential source revealed that La Brea will proceed to film in Victoria, Australia, and filming is scheduled to begin by this spring.


Let’s find out in detail about the much anticipated season 2 of La Brea below shall we? 


La Brea Season 2 Release: When is it Arriving?


NBC has officially renewed the series for a second-season run. However, the specific air date is not known yet but it’s been reported that the second season of La Brea will release around the same time as its first season.


Although there aren’t many details on it, it’s expected that the new episodes of the NBC original series will arrive somewhere in September or October of 2022.


The Cast of La Brea Season 2: Who Else is Returning?


The full cast line for the upcoming second season has not been disclosed yet but we do know that most of the characters that viewers saw in the first season are likely to return once again including–


  • Eoin Macken in the role of Gavin Harris

  • Natalia Zea in the character of Eve Harris

  • Zyra Gorecki will portray the role of Izzy Harris

  • Jack Marin will be seen playing Josh Harris

  • Chiké Okonkwo will reprise his role as Ty Coleman

  • Karina Logue will return as Marybeth Hill

  • Veronica St. Clair will play Riley Velez, 

  • Rohan Mirchandaney portrays Scott Israni

  • Lily Santiago plays Veronica Castillo, 

  • Chloe De Los Santos plays Lilly Castillo, 

  • Michelle Vergara Moore plays Ella Jones

  • Jon Seda in the role of Dr. Sam Velez

  • Josh McKenzie in the role of Lucas 

  • Nicholas Gonzalez plays the character of Levi Delgado


What to Expect From The Storyline of La Brea Season 2?


The first season ended with the death of Marybeth, Gavin, and Izzy going back in time to 10,000 B.C. through a swallow-hole near Seattle. This means that the second season will continue the story from where it left off.


Speaking to Deadline, showrunner David Applebaum revealed “Well, one of the things we really wanted to do with the finale was set up a lot of cliffhangers and possibilities for Season 2. You know, with Josh and Riley going through the light, revealing the building, the death of Marybeth, and Gavin, and Izzy coming down the sinkhole, we’re really trying to set up these new potentials for Season 2, and putting people on new journeys, to reveal some new mysteries.” 


When Deadline asked about the prospect of the show Applebaum responded: “We do have in mind an endpoint and have a lot of important signposts along the way to get there. But, we haven’t really tried to pin ourselves down to a specific number of seasons to get there. Personally, I think it’s the kind of show where we can keep expanding what the world is. I definitely think it has the potential for a long run.”


Nevertheless, there are plenty of interesting plotlines to explore, mainly the backstory of most of the characters and not forgetting about Gavin’s past which needs to be explored.


Where Can I Watch La Brea Season 2?


Season 1 of La Brea is available to watch on fuboTV, Peacock, and Hulu Plus. Season 2 will likely be available on the same streaming platforms as well.

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