Kingdom Season 4: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Ever since the first three seasons aired on the network, fans have been waiting with glee for season 4! 

The kingdom is a very popular manga series that was first released in 2006; written and directed by Yousahisa Hara. The show, which has been running for the last fifteen years, has released 57 volumes, as of today. The story follows the journey of General Li Xin and Emperor Ying Zheng in the confederation of China during the Warring States period. 

When it comes down to old school warfare with artillery, such as swords, rapiers and shields, Kingdom has no match. Every scene of war is executed almost perfectly and it exhibits an immense volume of tactical signs, which are historically detailed in the show. This show was extremely loved by the audience and has carved a special corner in the hearts of the people. 

Talking about the ratings, this show has managed to secure 8.3 out of 10 ratings on IMDb whereas on Myanimelist it received an average audience score of 7.99 out of 10 ratings.

Kingdom Season 4: Release Date

Yousahisa Hara’s most popular Manga series, running for fifteen years has released a total of 57 volumes till now. The first season of Kingdom was released in 2006, in which a total of 173 chapters were seen, while season 2 released a total of 78 chapters. 

After six years of interage, the third edition of the series which was based on the coalition invasion story arc was released in 2020. Season 3 started with chapter 261 and runs till chapter 356, in which a total of 96 chapters were seen. The fourth season will be plausible to resume from chapter 357. 

As per assumption, the upcoming edition will perhaps cover around four or five-story turns. This, season 4 of Kingdom would hopefully accentuate the Koku You Campaign arc, the Bureaucrats Job story arc, and the Western Zhao Invasion arc.

However, as far as the question of the release date of the season is concerned, Studio Signpost, NHK TV has not passed any official statement regarding the release date. As per the speculation, we may expect to see the arrival of Kingdom 4 anime by spring 2022. Stay tuned for more updates!

Kingdom Season 4: Cast and their voice-overs

As far as we know, we have not witnessed any official announcement from NHK TV, so it would be foolish to say anything concrete about the cast. 

Recently, on 24 January 2022, the confirmation about the return of voice cast for Japanese was declared. Although we have no clue about the cast, we do foresee some actors reprising their roles since they have served incredibly well so far. 

Here are some of the expected cast with their voice over artists:-

  • Morita Masakazu would probably be seen continuing to voice Li Xin in the kingdom season 4.
  • We anticipate seeing Fukuyama Jun voice Ying Zheng.
  • The voice of Diao in the upcoming season would probably be delivered by Kugimiya Rie.
  • Hikasa Youko will certainly continue to voice Qiang Lei
  • Chang Wenjun would probably be voice-overed by Youtaka Nakona
  • Koji Yusa would be seen voicing Bi.
  • Adam Fedyk can be expected to voice Muta.

However, we might expect the arrival of some new faces in the upcoming season of the Kingdom. As soon as we discover any information related to the new edition, we’ll keep you posted. 

Kingdom Season 4: Plot

Till now, no official updates and leaks regarding the plot have come out. Keeping the Yousahisa Hara’s manga series in mind, we can expect some arcs to be seen in the coming season including the Koku You Campaign arc, the Bureaucrats Job story arc, and the Western Zhao Invasion arc. 

The first thing we’ll get to see in Season 4 is Shin’s promotion to higher rank as a cover for his bravery and incredible battle Plan. We can also expect an enemy camp to attack at Ei Sei’s coronation ceremony. Other than that, it’s impossible to speculate the entire season. As soon as any official updates regarding kingdom season 4 are released, we’ll update in the next articles. Bookmark this page or subscribe to us for more such updates! 


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