Kingdom: Ashin of the North: Cast, Release Date, & Plot

Kingdom: Ashin of the North: Cast, Release Date, & Plot

South Korea, the zombie capital of the world, is set to trigger our minds with the release of another zombie series. Famous South Korean period horror drama Kingdom is set to return with its special spinoff titled Kingdom: Ashin of the north.


This Korean show’s spinoff is a highly anticipated one. The original show Kingdom, an adaptation of the webcomic Burning hell shinui nara already completed two seasons. The popularity of the show is the reason why it is all set to make a comeback. Here’s everything about the new release.

Kingdom: Ashin of the north Release date

The release of a unique spinoff of Kingdom was announced by Netflix last year.  The popular streaming service has launched a teaser that had scenes from season 2.

Kingdom season 3

Fans of Kingdom have been eagerly waiting to announce the confirmed date of release of Kingdom of ashin. Finally, the wait of the fans has come to an end. Netflix has announced that Kingdom ashin of the north would be released on July 23, 2021. The standalone spinoff would be exclusively available for streaming on Netflix.

Kingdom: Ashin of the north Plot

Season two of Kingdom ended with Lee Chang and Seo By tracking where the resurrection plant emerged. During this, they come to face Gianna Jun. Kingdom ashin of the north would show the origin story of Gianna Jun, who essays the role of Ashin. As already known, the spinoff would be a side sequel of kIngdom season 2.

Kingdom Ashin

  The spinoff would unveil the mystery behind Ashin and her identity.  The story would show what happened to Ashin in the past in the northern region. In addition, it would show how Park Byung-Eun, who essays the role of Min chi rok and Ashin’s fate, intertwined. Netflix had earlier released a press release that stated that the spinoff would show the backstory of the mysterious character of Lee Chang and the journey that they undertake to the norths for discovering the infected origins of the disease.

Kingdom: Ashin of the north Cast

In the spinoff series, Gianna Jun would reprise her role of Ashin. She had earlier made a brief cameo in kingdom season 2.

Kingdom 3 cast

Park Byung Eun would essay the role of Royal commandery Min chi rok.  The show’s director, Kim Seong hun, would be seen teaming up again with Kim Eun hee for the scripting and direction. The other cast from Kingdom two is also expected to make a return.

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