Killing Eve Season 4: Release, Cast, and more information

Killing Eve fans are excited about its season 4 renewal. The chasing thriller between an operative and an assassin is expected to wrap up in this last installment from Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Killing Eve is adapted from a series of four novellas by Luke Jennings called Codename Villanelle. The series revolves around Villanelle’s ruthless killing spree around the world, as one of the most wanted Assassins, while Sandra Oh, an MI6 agent is obsessively trying to catch her. 

When will we get to see the 3rd season of Killing Eve?

As per Killing Eve’s social media announcement, the new season will start airing from 28th February 2022 on BBC iPlayer.

Jodie Comer, who starred as Villanelle, recently commented on the possibility for a movie adaptation of this award-winning series. She said, “The show’s creators are keeping their options open for a spin-off, or perhaps a movie adaptation in the coming years.” 

From the teaser of the new season of Killing Eve, we can conclude Villanelle has found a new community while Eve is still on her vengeance run. 

Killing Eve Season 3 Overview

Season 3 ended with a sequence between Villanelle and Eve on Tower Bridge that has left many of us beyond perplexed. Season 4 has picked the thread from the same place where both the leads are trying to figure out what their lives stand for and most importantly, what they mean to each other.

We have also seen Carolyn cruelly shoot a man in her search for finding the real face behind her son’s hit. Carolyn is expected to make things more personal in the new season. 

Season 4 of Killing Eve started its production in early October 2021. In the first week of October, Killing Eve’s official Twitter released a teaser in which Oh is rocking a platinum blonde wig and a trench coat, acting as an alter-ego of Villanelle.

The Cast of Killing Eve Season 4: Who’s in it?

As far as the cast is concerned, Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are going to lead the show as a security operative and an assassin, who will come together to launch a joint venture. Fiona Shaw however is expected in a refreshed role as MI5 boss. 

Kim Bodnia is undoubtedly going to stick to his care-taking role in Villanelle’s life. Camille Cottin is returning as Hélène and Gemma Whelan is expected to come back as Carolyn’s daughter. The Bitter Pill gang survived Season 3, so Jamie, Bear, and Audrey would be returning too. 

We have seen Harriet Walter go through a heart attack in the last season, but it wouldn’t surprise us if she also made an appearance in the new season. 

The Season 4 writer, Laura Neal, is promising. We could expect similar humor from previous seasons that we love. 

As fans of this action drama, we are happily clinging to our seats for the time being. Of course, we’re not ready to say goodbye to Villanelle and Oh.

Is Sandra Oh going to join hands with Villanelle or will one of them die in season 4? 

It seems we will have to wait for 28th February 2022.


TV Series: Killing Eve

Cast: Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh, Fiona Shaw, Owen McDonnel, Kim Bodnia, Gemma Whelan

Platform: Amazon Prime

Season: 4 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama


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