Kid Cosmic season 3: All You Need To Know

Kid animated television series are very popular these days, as evidenced by the fact that Shark dog and Cocomelon are currently ranked in the top ten on Netflix. Kid Cosmic should be added to the list since its second season premiered on Netflix on September 7th, and fans are already anticipating season 3 of the show.

Kid Cosmic follows the exploits of a creative and enthusiastic youngster who lives with his free-spirited grandfather in a thinly populated desert hamlet. The boy’s fantasy about becoming a hero appears to be coming true when he discovers 5 Cosmic Stones of Power on a destroyed spaceship. In order to redeem the stones, he gathers a group of local heroes to repel an extraterrestrial invasion.

In Season 2, Kid Cosmic learns what it takes to be a true leader as the Local Heroes embark on a galactic quest to collect the remaining Stones of Power and save the galaxy.

Craig McCracken, the creator of The Powerpuff Girls, created the kid animated series, so we expected it to be popular with kids and possibly some adults who were fans of The Powerpuff Girls. Will there be a third season now that the second has been released on Netflix? 

Season 2 explained

Jo defeats Fantos the Amassor with the help of Queen Xhan, who gives up her own tentacle in the process. With the 13 stones back in their possession, the Local Heroes proceed to tear down Erodious with ease, uncovering the great secret: because Erodious is made up of damaged planets with abilities, it conceals hundreds, if not thousands, of a lot of cosmic stones.

The story does not end peacefully, however: Kid has been unable to discover the most powerful stone, telekinesis, and then when it ends up in the hands of Fantos, the heroes lose their abilities and have to go back to Earth.

Release date of Kid Cosmic Season 3: When is it?

Netflix hasn’t revealed a release date for season 3, but we believe the third season will be available by the end of the year.

We believe that the production process for season 3 is complete, as Netflix renewed the series for a second and third season at about the same time in August, and the second season premiered in September.

All the streamer has to do now is announce an official release date. If a third season isn’t announced by the end of 2021, we expect the final season to premiere in early 2022.

How many episodes can we anticipate for Kid Cosmic Season 3?

Following a fan’s question on Twitter about how many episodes Season 3 will have, McCracken, revealed that the final season will have six episodes in total.

The Voice Cast of Kid Cosmic Season 3: Who’ll be in it?

We’re expecting to see all our favorite characters return in the upcoming season of Kid Cosmic. Here is the list of the voice cast and the characters they portray.

  • Amanda C. Miller – Johanna
  • Jack Fisher – Kid
  • Lily-Rose Silver – Rosa Flores
  • Cree Summer – Queen Xhan
  • Tom Kenny – Stuck Chuck
  • Kim Yarbrough – Flo
  • Rich Fulcher – Zarkon
  • Fred Tatasciore – Tuna Sandwich

The plot of Kid Cosmic season 3: What to expect?

The third season of Kid Cosmic will start exactly where the second season left off. The team has discovered some new villains, but they’re even more threatening than Kid Cosmic anticipated!

In this next installment of Kid Cosmic, we can expect some significant changes, such as Kid Silver joining the team on missions rather than watching from home as he did previously. With that said, we can expect to see all of our favorite characters return to fight evil and save the world one last time before “Kid Galactic” airs later this year!

What do you think will happen in Season Three of Kid Cosmic? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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