Kate Bush Net Worth – How much does she earn, sources of income and more

If you have watched or even heard of Stranger Things, (which we’re pretty sure you have), then you must be no stranger to the song Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush. This song saw a resurgence after it was featured on the show. Kate Bush released the song in 1985 on the album Hounds of Love. The artist is now reportedly making over $200,000 per week from a single streaming platform in royalties for the song.


The song was used as a major plot point in the famous Netflix series, Stranger Things. Being discovered and liked by new listeners every day, the song is topping the charts in various countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Canada and New Zealand among others.


In a recent statement, Kate Bush said, “It’s hard to take in the speed at which this has all been happening since the release of the first part of the Stranger Things new series. So many young people who love the show, discovering the song for the first time.”

How much money did Kate Bush make after the resurgence of Running Up That Hill?

Intriguingly, Kate Bush owns the entire recording copyright to Running Up That Hill and its album the Hounds of Love. The song is also not licensed to anyone.


As per reports, the hit songs are distributed by Warner Music Group. However, they are owned by Bush herself. The very song crossed 57 million chart-eligible global streams on Spotify. As per Music Business Worldwide, this would mean that the artist owns over $200,000 in recorded music royalties from one platform, on one format (streaming), in one week.


A Twitter user further explained this noting that every time someone streams a song on Spotify, the holder gets $0.03 to $0.05, as of 2022. The fact that Running Up That Hill saw over 57 million streams was multiplied by $0.05 and the resultant was over $200,00 in just a week. In just a week!


Further, the artist was streamed 1000 times in the UK this week. If one were to take into account other streaming platforms including Amazon, Deezer, Apple, YouTube and radio play, Kate Bush would be making £30-320 radio royalties per play.

Kate Bush’s Achievements so far 

Kate Bush has been nominated for 13 Brit Awards throughout her career. She won the Best British Female Artist in 1987. The artist has also been nominated for three Grammy Awards so far. 


Bush received the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music in 2002. She was appointed a CBE in the 2013 New Year Honours for services to music. The singer has been nominated three times for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame including in the years 2018, 2021 and 2022.

Kate Bush Net Worth in 2022 

According to experts, Kate Bush presently earns over £250,000 a week. Her song has over a million Spotify streams per day. Running Up That Hill’s vocalist recently achieved the song’s second week at the top of the UK charts, calling the entire event “fantastic” and “exciting.” Meanwhile, celebrity net worth has recorded Kate Bush’s value as over $60 million.


She was the first female musician to get a UK Number 1 with her debut song Wuthering Heights. It topped the UK Singles Charts for four weeks in 1978. The singer then was only 19 years old. Kate has been nominated for 13 Brit Awards and three Grammy Awards, in addition to receiving the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music and being given the CBE in 2013.

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