K.C. Clyde joins the Cast of ‘The Futurist’

As per the report, there has been tons of disputes on the release of ‘The Futurist’ is it still making a comeback? Will it be released anyway? Or, will it finally be canceled? 

In this post, we bring you all the details including the release date, storyline, and other updates.

All About ‘The Futurist’?

The Futurist is an upcoming American drama TV series that is going to premiere anytime in 2023. Directed by Kali Bailey, the series is based on an 18 years old inventor whom we know as Nikola Tesla (portrayed by Bruce Davidson). We’ll find in the series how he discovers perpetual energy which is not known by the world. We may also uncover how different company names and money threatened the guy to buy the patent. 

The series stars Bruce Davidson, Rose Reid, K.C Clyde, Rene Ashton, Derek M. Puma, Johnathan Gorman, Neil Kelly, and Richa Chandra as the lead cast of the story.  

Is K.C. Clyde joining the Cast of ‘The Futurist’?

As far as the joining of K.C. Clyde is concerned, it has been officially announced that Clyde will be joining the cast of ‘The Futurist’. Even for more confirmation, you guys can check out the cast list released by IMDb. 

Other Cast of ‘The Futurist’?

In this section, we are going to discuss the cast list of the upcoming drama series, ‘The Futurist’. As of now, neither Kali Bailey nor the production companies behind the series have released any official confirmation about the star cast of the series. 

Don’t you guys worry, we have got you covered. You may thank us by subscribing. After a lot of research and hard work, we brought you some cast members who might appear in the upcoming American TV series, here are they:-


  • Bruce Davison will play as Nikola Tesla
  • Rose Reid will play as Kennedy Fletcher
  • K.C. Clyde will play Bill Fletcher
  • René Ashton will play as Catherine Blake
  • Derek M. Puma will play as College Student
  • Johnathan Gorman will play as Neal
  • Neil Kelly will play as Micah Miller
  • Richa Chandra will play as Professor Adel Davarr
  • Lindsey Shope will play as Regina Fletcher (rumored)
  • Javon Everett will play as College Student
  • Walter J. Buck will play as Police Officer
  • David Ditmore will play as Inept Guard
  • Sienna Ribeiro will play as Piper
  • John Costellow will play as College student
  • Juan Carlos Graterol Jr. Will play as Male Student (rumored)
  • Jon Hardnick will play as Terry Martin
  • Andrew Sanford will play as Peter
  • Kate Bryant will play as Female Employee
  • Callan Barry

‘The Futurist’ Trailer?

As we discovered above, so far there has been no declaration about the release of the trailer of the series. Also, there has been no official confirmation news from the production’s side about the making of the trailer. So, as of now, there is no official trailer for ‘The Futurist’. 


Better stay connected to us, we will update the trailer video on the website as soon as it is published. 


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