Jump Like a Witch Season 2: Premiere date and Cast details to know

Jump Like A Witch is a Korean reality TV Show. The plot of the series represents the entertainment industry. Female celebs from the industry learn to play basketball from seasoned basketball professional coaches. They are members of a newly formed amateur basketball team. These female celebrities are training to earn their team a victory. The storyline is extremely fun and enthusiastic!


With the increasing hype over Korean content, Jump Like A Witch is yet another Korean show that puts the audience in awe. It is produced by JTBC Studios. The show has managed to acquire good ratings and reviews from both audiences and critics. So far there are two seasons of the series. 


Here’s everything you need to know about the potential second season of Jump Like a Witch, including the release date, plot, trailer details, and more!

Will there be a season 2 of Jump Like a Witch?

Jump Like A Witch Season 1 was released on 15 February 2022. It received an amazing response and was in fact one of the most watched Korean TV shows. Ever since, it’s been gaining more and more popularity. 


Because of the good reviews and popularity of the show, the show is most likely to have a season 2. However, as of yet, the makers haven’t made any official renewal announcements. If anything comes out, we will update it here. Stay tuned!


Jump Like a Witch season 2 release date 

Jump Like a Witch is a reality korean Tv series. As of yet, it has managed to cater to in the long run. Because of its popularity and the good reviews from the audience, the Jump Like A Witch show will most probably have a season 2. But as aforesaid, there hasn’t been an official word yet. 


Hence, there’s no release date for season 2 of Jump Like a Witch. Guess the audience will have to keep patience and wait for it a little more. If any information is released, we will let you guys know. Stay tuned!

What to expect from the plot of Jump Like a Witch season two?

As of November 2022, the makers haven’t made any formal revelations regarding the season 2 plot. 


The plot of this show revolves around female celebrities from the entertainment industry trying to learn to play basketball from seasoned coaches. They are a part of a newly formed amateur basketball team. Their goal is to get a win for their team. The storyline for the second season will be the same. Stay connected for more updates!

Jump Like A Witch season 2 trailer: Is it out yet? 

The show is yet to be renewed for season 2. And so, there’s no trailer for now. You may watch the previous season’s trailer for the time being. 

Where to watch the series Jump Like A Witch? 

Jump Like A Witch Season 1 is available to watch and stream on Netflix. Like the first season, season 2 is also likely to be streaming on Netflix. Happy watching!

Will Jump Like a Witch season 3 happen?


Season 2 of the series is yet to be renewed. Hence, there’s no update about Jump Like a Witch season 3!


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