Julianna Margulies returning with ‘The Morning Show Season 3’

Julianna Margulies from The Morning Show is onboard to return in the new season. 


Apple TV+ earlier declared that the Emmy award-winning actress and author who joined in season 2 of The Morning Show will be back as anchor Laura Peterson in the upcoming third season most probably alongside Reese Witherspoon as Bradley Jackson.


“Laura operates absolutely differently than any of the characters that you see in that show, because she is 100 percent comfortable in her skin,” Margulies once informed TVLine. “She’s the only character, I think, on the show that has no skeletons in her closet. Everything is out in the open, and she’s at the top of her game without any fear of anyone taking that away from her.”


As formerly noted, The third season will also honor the appearance of “Mad Men” actor Jon Hamm playing the role of Paul Marks, “a corporate titan who sets his sights on UBA.” There’s also going to be a huge difference behind the cameras as Kerry Ehrin will be replaced by Charlotte Stroud as showrunner. 


Season Two of “The Morning Show” took place in the earlier times of the Covid-19 pandemic. When Alexandra (Jennifer Aniston) returned to the show after Bradley (Witherspoon) had to take her brother to a rehabilitation center, she and Laura put aside their pre-series squabble and established hand-washing live on TV. In the final moments of the episode, Laura and Alex were on good terms as Laura forgave Alex for everything that happened during the pre-series clash.


In June 2022, actress Margulies revealed to Variety‘s Emily Longeretta that she was onboard in reprising her role as Laura again. “I find her fascinating,” she stated. “I want to know about her childhood: When did she first know she was gay? How did her parents react? Has she ever been in a long-term relationship? What does she love to do when she’s not working? Does she even want a long-term relationship? Is she capable of that? I want to know if she’s really fallen for Bradley, or if it’s just another fling? I would love to see her and Alex strike up a friendship of some kind — can they work through their past and move on and have a genuine friendship?”


Charlotte Stoudt will serve as showrunner and executive producer in The Morning Show Season 3. The series is likely to return in the fall of 2022.


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