Julia Santamarina – Who is she? Everything you need to know

Julia Santamarina is the daughter of Mayrin Villanueva, a famous Mexican model and actress, and Eduardo Santamarina, who is also a popular Mexican actor.


Julia was born on July 18, 2009, and is currently 13 years of age. Mayrin Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina, who are parents of Julia, got married in a luxurious procession on February 28, 2009. The power couple welcomed their first baby girl named Julia just about five months after their wedding. 


Julia Santamarina is the first and sole daughter in common that the celebrity couple has, and comes in number five of the mixed kin they have created, since the actress/model gave birth to her first two kids in her last marriage with Jorge Poza, while Eduardo had the joy of being a father to two adorable twins in his first ever union with Itati Cantoral. Although the couple had their past of previous failed marriages, the Villanueva Santamaría family is more united than ever and puts in a lot of love and effort to keep the family bond strong and this is how their precious daughter Julia is being raised full of love and affection, who is suffering from a very rare disease.


Julia Santamarina Parents– Mayrín Villanueva (Mother) and Eduardo Santamarina (Father)


Maryin Villanueva


Maryin Villanueva whose full name is Mayrín Villanueva Ulloa born on October 8, 1970, is a Mexican actress and model by profession. 


In her career, the 51-year-old actress/model partook in soap operas such as “My Husband Has More Family” (2018), “Single With Daughters” (2019), and “Rubi” (2020). Maryin first marriage was to Jorge Poza whom they got married in 1997 but the couple divorced in 2008. Jorge Poza and Mayrin Villanueva have two wonderful children together; a daughter named Romina Poza born in 2000 and a son named Sebastian Poza born in 2003.


Eduardo Santamarina


Eduardo Santamarina is a renowned Mexican actor famously known for his leading roles in telenovelas. He is popularly known for being starred in “Marisol” (1996), “Ya no Los hacen Como antes” (2003), and “Yo amo a Juan Querendon” (2007). In 2007, Eduardo and Maryin acted in the same movie titled “Yo Ama a Juan Querendon.”


The actor was previously wedded with actress Itati Cantorak in 2000. They welcomed their twin boys named José Eduardo and Roberto Miguel in August 2000. However, the couple divorced in 2003, and their marriage was officially dissolved in 2004. While Eduardo was still married to his wife Cantoral, he was in an on-and-off fling with another Mexican actress Susana Gonzalez. However, they parted their ways in November 2007.


As of now, Eduardo is married to the gorgeous actress Maryin Villanueva. The couple shares a beautiful daughter named Julia Santamarina who suffers from dysmetria, a disease in which a baby is born with one leg longer than the other.


The actress has pinpointed that she has already educated her daughter Julia on how to protect herself and ignore being judged or discriminated against because of her rare illness.


Julia Santamarina Dysmetria Disease


Born on July 18, 2009, through a C-section, Julia is now thirteen years old. The couple did not share much information about their daughter as they like to keep it private to protect their daughter. The Villanueva-Santamarina family has been living a life filled with happiness.


Julia Santamarina, 13, suffers from dysmetria, an illness that comprises one leg longer than the other. When Julia was just six years old, she went through surgery to rectify the problem. In the initial phase, the couple was not able to accept the fact that their daughter was born with such a cruel disease unable to find a complete cure or surgery. Despite all that Julia is currently living a joyous and active life with her two half-siblings.


Although the celebrity couple usually is private on the matter, in 2016 they disclosed about her daughter undergoing several surgeries at an early age to rectify the issue. When they first learned about their daughter’s illness, the couple found it hard to accept it. “At first, as a parent, you say ‘why her and not me’, it’s the first thing that happened to me. Anything that could happen to your children, especially health things, you don’t want to happen to them,” said Eduardo Santamarina back in 2018. But the couple has since then learned to accept it and lives a joyous life and cherishes every moment with their daughter Julia and has not looked back since then.

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