Jason Isaacs and Derek Jacobi join the Cast of ‘James and Lucia’

Some news sites claim that the upcoming film by Robert Mullan, James, and Lucia will have  Jason Isaacs and Derek Jacobi as the cast members. First of all, When is the movie going to hit the theatres? ‘James and Lucia’ canceled or it has already been renewed? Let’s find out!

In this post, we’ll uncover all the latest news, cast updates, premiere dates, and trailers for the upcoming ‘James and Lucia’ (if it happens) in the article below. 

All About James and Lucia?

Written and directed by Robert Mullan, James and Lucia is an Upcoming British biopic that will premiere probably in 2023. The film will follow the final years of Joyce’s life in the late 1930s as he writes his famed novel, “Finnegan’s Wake.” In the last years of James Joyce, when in Paris and Zurich he struggles with his fading eyesight and the so-called madness of his beloved daughter, Lucia. 

Producers on the project are Shoreline Entertainment’s Morris Ruskin, Jesus Gonzalez’s Calach Films, and Robert Mullan’s Sisyphus Films.

Are Jason Isaacs and Derek Jacobi Joining the Cast of James and Lucia?

As of now, the makers of the show have not announced the cast members of the show. However, after doing tons of research and also after considering the facts and leaks, we have summed up that both the star cast is going to appear in the upcoming film. IMDb has also featured these two stars in the cast section of the film. Thus, it anyway confirms their arrival in the film. 

Coming to the official confirmation, so far it’s not been announced by the production crew. Keeping an eye on the disastrous situation of the TV industry due to Covid 19, it would be impossible to anticipate the confirmation now. One thing is confirmed, you guys will be automatically updated. Don’t forget to get back to us!

Other Cast of James and Lucia?

So far, there has been no confirmation regarding the cast members of the upcoming season. However, if the series continues we hope to see some old faces appear in the next season. The makers are looking forward to continuing with the same cast mentioned below (based on some sources). 

Find out the list of faces we might expect in the upcoming movie 

  • AIDAN GILLEN as James Joyce
  • Michael Gambon as Professor Alfred Vogt
  • Jason Isaacs as Herbert Gorman
  • Freddie Stroma as Giorgio Joyce
  • Alex Kingston as Harriet Weaver
  • Alex Pettyfer as Albert Hubbell
  • Charlie Murphy as Lucia
  • DEREK JACOBI as Alfred Vogt

James and Lucia Trailer?

As we discovered above, there has been no official news from the production’s side about making. So, as of now, there is no official trailer for the television. Generally, the trailer comes out a month or two before the release date. Thus, keeping the meta in mind we might expect the arrival of the trailer once it is renewed!

Better stay connected to us, we will update the trailer video on the website as soon as it is published. 


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