Jamestown Season 4 is happening! Know more about the Release date and Cast

Sky 1’s British historical drama is created and written by Bill Gallagher and is being produced by Carnival Films. The series takes place in 1619, around the time when the English folks came to settle in Jamestown which is a part of America. It centers on three women of Jamestown who were coerced to wed who compensate for their passage.


As time goes by, they learn how to adjust to different situations of the town and its dwellers, they tolerate and adapt until they become smart enough to know the sovereignty system in the town. They comprehend the town and its dwellers better and navigate their life.


Jamestown Season 4: Confirmed or Cancelled?


Unfortunately, Jamestown 4 will not happen as the third season was the final outing of the show.


According to the previous director of Sky TV Cameron Roach,  “The third show marks the final chapter of an amazing story, which offers huge emotion in addition to a thrilling adventure, and we can’t wait for it to be shared with our viewers.”


The official synopsis for Jamestown Season 3 states: “With trade booming and the tobacco farms established, the settlers’ pioneering aspiration soon clashes with reality as they begin to strive for more than new lives – now they crave control and power.


“The flourishing community creates new tensions between the English and the Pamunkey, and with politics rife in the air, the idealism of the New World is tested.


“As Yeardley’s thirst for power grows, can he handle the consequences? And how far will Opechancanough go to protect his native land?”


When is Jamestown Season 4 Releasing?


The first season of Jamestown was released on June 23, 2017. The second season premiered on February 9, 2018. The third season aired from April 26 to June 14, 2019. 


After the third season was launched in 2019, the creators confirmed that Jamestown Season 3 will be the final season of the program.  Additionally, the then director of Sky TV also made an official announcement confirming the news that the third season is indeed the last outing of the entire series. 


However, there are likelihoods that the program can be picked up by Netflix or other popular streaming services and can bring back the show with a brand new season. Anything is possible at this point, so let’s cross our fingers and hope that the show makes a comeback with the fourth season.


The Cast of Jamestown Season 4


If ever a Season 4 of Jamestown happens, expect the following characters to return.


  • Sophie Rundle in the role of Alice Kett

  • Naomi Battrick will play Jocelyn Woodbryg

  • Niamh Walsh plays Verity Bridges

  • Stuart Martin will act as Silas Sharrow

  • Max Beesley will be back as Henry Sharrow

  • Ben Batt depicts Crabtree

  • Luke Roskell will reprise as Pepper Sharrow


Jamestown Season 4 Plot: What to Expect?


As stated earlier, there’s been no concrete information or update concerning the fourth season of Jamestown as it is meant to be a trilogy. However, the storyline for a fourth season can still direct to an interesting one as there are many elements to scribble a story especially because it is a historical drama.


Nonetheless, the finale of the third season ended in a satisfying tone and it’s unlikely that there would be another chapter of Jamestown although we wish there were more seasons of this incredible series.


Where To Watch Jamestown Series?


Jamestown spanned a total of three seasons and has an overall 24 episodes. You can now watch all seasons of Jamestown on Prime Video, VUDU, PBS, Vudu Movie & TV Store, or Apple TV. Happy watching! 

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